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MCD Update

Started by Galfraxas, September 13, 2001, 09:16:00 PM

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Well, due to the recent tragedy and the fact that my local gaming group has convinced me to run some form of Deadlands for them, production of Magical Crimes Division has slowed, so there's not much to put here. I've been working on a webpage for about a week now, and will put it online once I find somewhere to host it that won't cost too much(read- Free.). The first incarnation of the webpage won't be much more than a short blurb on the project. Oh, I'll put the basic rules for my system "The Fifth Trait" on the page too. I'll be working out the magic system next, and I've decided to go somewhat freeform on the magic. There are currently six "types" of magic, but there aren't going to be any spells, per say. In the final version, each magic type will have a short description of that type's capabilities, and examples of things it can do. I'm also considering dumping my second project cause I'm gonna get backtracked as school picks up. Looks like I won't be running demos of MCD at TrollCon. I'll still be there though. If anybody else who posts to the Forums is gonna be there too, drop me a line here, or send a private message. I'll post another update here in a day or so, so keep an eye out.

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