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Sorcerous Grimoire

Started by Slave_Labourer, May 28, 2003, 09:11:34 AM

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Hi there,

          I was wondering if anyone had given any thought to starting up a spell-thread listing all manners of complete RoS writeups for home brewed spells that people had invented in-game. I love inventing spells in RoS but I'm sure there are people out there who've had better ideas than me on how best to use their Gift.



Not I. but one of my players, Spartan, has been building up an impressive collection of formalized spells.
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Also, there is a thread here that people began posting their spells to.  I also started one on low CTN spells as well.  Neither thread has been posted to in ages, so we'll have to start a new one. :)

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