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Preparing for, and posting to, Actual Play

Started by Tim Alexander, February 03, 2005, 07:07:34 PM

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Tim Alexander

Hey Guys,

Quote from: Frank Tnow, here's why "you have to raise a point and not just sucialize" makes me a little wary. The Actual Play thread I enjoyed most reading here at The Forge was Moose and the City. The thread awed me, and it made me want to possess, and play, PtA. Thanks again for sharing it.

As an aside, the Moose thread was one of the definitional threads I had in mind when I broached this subject. If you look at the outline that's laid out above and read Vincent's first post in the Moose thread it's almost a textbook example. It talks about mechanics, who was there, the dynamics, what worked, how social aspects worked, etc. It's not specifically structured like the outline above, but Vincent had a really intuitive grasp of the same core stuff.


Frank T

Sorry, maybe I expressed myself mistakably, or I just don't get the meaning of "raising a point" correctly. What I intended to say was: You shouldn't need to have a specific conclusion or even a specific question in mind when you post to Actual Play. Just sharing should be enough, you just need to get across what really happened.

Ron Edwards


Frank, let's take this to private messages. Your posts in this thread and in other Actual Play threads show me that you really are frustrated about this. However, based on the amazing threads and responses over the last week, I think the general community gets the picture. So as I say, let's talk about it one on one.


Ron Edwards


I've decided to modify the basic forum rules for posting to Actual Play, as follows.

Instead of the front page being fair game for posting to threads, let's have it be the first three pages, including the front one. So yeah, that means clicking on "2" or "3" as an ongoing thing.