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More Real World Sorcery

Started by Bailywolf, June 20, 2003, 08:25:45 AM

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Does this not soundl like a cool twisted Sorcerer game to you:

QuoteGirl marries dog

A NINE-YEAR-old girl has married a stray dog in front of more than 100 people in India.
The tribal custom is intended to protect the child from evil, reports the Press Trust of India.

Karnamoni Hasda married the street dog in West Bengal state's Hooghly district.

The Santhal tribe believes a child is in grave danger if their first tooth appears on the upper gum.

A canine marriage is said to be the only way of warding off evil. The child can remarry a human after growing up.

The report says Karnamoni's canine marriage did not take place immediately after her first tooth appeared because her father's financial problems did not allow for a wedding at the time.

Marrige as binding to a guardian creature... neat.




I've also heard that extra young marriage in India was in part because Muslim raiders didn't rape anyone who was they married'em young(historical veracity unknown, but interesting theory).

But on a similar note, the anime, Hakkenden, involves a big multigenerational curse, brought about when:

1) Two clans war, one side is using sorcery
2) The non-sorcerous side, starving, desperate, and losing, has its daimyo jokingly offer their pet dog the princess' hand in marriage if he can kill the sorcerer
3) Which the dog does, at which point the princess(against her parents's wishes) does marry the dog.
4) Kicking off a stackload of samurai/mythological drama, without everyone throwing fireballs at each other or baring breasts.

Another great sorcerer story if you check it out.