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A question about the function of the forum new posts reset

Started by M. J. Young, June 21, 2003, 03:51:39 AM

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M. J. Young

Well, that's probably a confusing title, but it was the best I could do. (I hate titles--it's always the hardest part in everything I write, and I'm always asking other people for suggestions.)

When you come to the Forge forums and you leave, and then you come back later, the system resets so that it marks posts that are "new since your last visit". It doesn't matter if you've seen them or not seen them, and I understand that that can't be changed. However, it tends to keep me away from the Forge outside of my one per day extended visit to examine the forum posts, because I don't want the marker to be reset by a casual check of one thing.

My question is, if I go directly to the articles by linking instead of going to the Forge entry page, will I bypass the reset function so as not to disturb the site's memory of what pages I've not viewed? Extending that, which areas of the Forge are connected to that reset function and which are not? Can I look at my profile, the member list, forum statistics, or am I confined to articles, reviews, and the resource library and bookshelf?


--M. J. Young

Jack Spencer Jr

Your profile is part of the forum software, so I would imagine accessing it would reset the forums.


Honestly, don't have it set up to log you in automatically.  That's what I do when I can only pop in for a short time - stay logged out.
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