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Author Topic: A great story, chock full O werid  (Read 2170 times)

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« on: July 02, 2003, 08:47:13 AM »

Anyone read anything by Mick Farren? Writer, reporter, & musician- Mick wears many hats.  I've been reading his stuff for years, and his sci-fi remains some of the odd writing which I have read and reread, first as a young teen and then on into adulthood- I don't really have any capacity (or desire) to objectively judge his stuff.  On some deep level, I know his writing is flawed.  But I still enjoy the hell out of it- bizarre juxtapositions, mystical mish mashing, political psychadelia, literary kit bashing, and hapless hopeless protagonists stuck in situations too complex and bizarre for them to deal with.  

Anyhow, in a book he write called Necrom and in it he introduces this sort of Clint Eastwood demon named Yancey Slide in the interdimensional ricochet plot.  I really liked Yancey Slide.

So I was casually surfing yesterday- instead of working- and I found a Yancey slide serialized story on a Mick Farren website.  And again, I find myself loving the hell out of this story, and wanting more than anything to run a Sorcerer games based on this kind of erratic relentless weirdness.  Give it a read.  Seriously.  He fills this thing with so many Easter eggs and 70's psychodelia just picking through it for the visuals and geek treats is worth it.  

Check it out, and tell me Yancey isn't a Sorcerer (or perhaps Sword and Sorcerer) kind of character.

Slide on the Run

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