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All Hail TROS

Started by spunky, July 08, 2003, 06:45:33 PM

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One great thing about TROS is how it has benefited my OTHER RPGs.  Just running a few combats educates players who previously knew little about "real" combat, and had previously thought of it in dry terms like, "I attack," "I backstab," and "I did 12 points damage."  Now, even if we're playing EXALTED, or SORCERER, or IRON KINGDOMS (D20), I find the same descriptions creeping in.  And even though D20 doesn't give them real benefit as far as the rules are concerned, they enjoy it more (and I have been known to throw in some healthy bonuses when appropriate).

Not really a topic for lots of discussion, but all the same.

Can't wait to play TROS full time, for a change...

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yea i know exactly what you mean, on the odd occasion when ive played a dnd game since i started ROS, ive changed pretty much everythig eround to make it more real, and even incorporated SA's into it to make the characters come to life instead of being "High Strength FIghter w/+5 Greatsword #277" or "Half-Orc Barbarian #098".  After playing ROS, i suddenly had all these simple ideas of how to make virtually every other game i play more realistic.  Kudos for that indeed.
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QuoteHalf-Orc Barbarian #098


Dude, I played that guy. :-)

But, yes, I think that TROS is having an effect on designers of combat systems as well.

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I've found that my budding HârnMaster combat houserules are increasingly influenced by TROS. :)

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