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[Site Hop] Running Sorcerer with 4+ players

Started by Andy Kitkowski, July 17, 2003, 03:08:28 PM

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Andy Kitkowski

I doubt that this is kosher, posting here asking people to check out another thread on another board, but a topic came up there that I'm very interested in, and while I'd like Ron's opinion (as he's probably ran large games before), I wanted to post it here to see if others ran Sorcerer successfully with large groups. If so, if those folks have any tips or ideas, I'd love to hear them, on this board or that one:

Here's the thread, at RPGNet:

Basically, the poster is running Sorcerer with a large group (6 players), and a few of us with 4-6 players in our regular gaming group are looking for things to be aware of if we want to run larger games.

Some ideas that came out of that thread:

1) Having half the players actually roleplay the demons of the other PCs.
2) Only treating half or so of the group's Kickers per gaming session, and going round-robin with that.
3) Quickly cutting scenes, jumping around to keep everyone involved.

More ideas?

I'll also take the slap on the hand for posting a "check out this thread!" topic, but I was hard-pressed to find a way to bring the topic up here without copying-pasting the entirety of that thread here...


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Ron Edwards

Hi Andy,

Actually, I'm kind of the wrong person to ask about many-player Sorcerer games ... the few times I've done it, mainly back during the early days at cons and so forth, have been virtuoso exercises in scene-cutting, but not much in the way of meaty outcomes.

However, a number of people have posted about ways to do it, here at the Forge. I'll have to do some thread-searching. That said, most of the comments on the thread so far are perfectly reasonable; I'll get onto it tomorrow and provide some comments.