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The pool sucks and so does it's creator

Started by Ronin, September 13, 2003, 02:02:40 PM

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The pool is not an olympic sized water hole to frolic about and have fun in, it at best is a cess Pool waiting for the unitiated to venture into and die from some forgotten disease.

James is a man who lives underneath the house in an area about the size of my closet, eating viena sausage's and whimpering at night before going to bed.  Oh yea, he also makes cave drawings and plays with his imaginary friends.

Actually, the pool is a great game and it's creator James is an awesome individual and artist.  I have enjoyed this RPG tremendously the few times that I have played it, and I really like the following that's developed around it.  Keep on gamin!!!!!

Ron Edwards

Damn! The troll turns out to be your buddy in a rubber mask.

Good to have you here, Ronin, speaking as a fellow Pool Nut and Fan o'James.



And he'd have gotten away with it, too, if if hadn't been for those blasted kids...


Thanks for the welcome guys.  James is actually one of my best friends, and I helped him play test and develop the pool.  We've been die hard RPG freaks since high school, and we've always had this thing for creative role playing.  In college we had this idea to start our own publishing company, but we never stayed focused on the project so it died.  Years later the pool emerges as great RPG that gives unprecendented control to it's players but still allows for the area of randomness.

I was just trying to rib him a little bit and see if he recognizes me.  We're constantly goofing off and head banging all the time so I decided to go public.  hehe

Anyway, James if your seeing this you red eyed ghoul give me a call.

James V. West

Ronin! What's up?

I haven't been checking my forum for a while due to *ahem* excessive amounts of fun work. Many apologies.

And thanks for the shout out, Usagi.