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Updated version of The Pool: testing my novice html skills.

Started by James V. West, October 07, 2001, 11:21:00 PM

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James V. West

Hey all

I put up an updated version of The Pool (version 127.29???). It's my first attempt at html so be gentle. There's nothing fancy about it whatsoever.

I think this version may be clearer than previous versions. Got rid of some junk and added a few little things. The most important change is in the pool-replenishment system. I've ousted the idea of rolling for more dice at the start of a session and instead doubled the number of dice you get for a successful die roll. After all the ideas I've pondered over, this one seems like the least problematic and most integrated.

In short: you get two dice instead of one die when make a successful roll.

Here's the new link:

GB Steve

I haven't read the text yet but the font is 'orrible!

Never, ever, use Comic Sans Serif for anything but comics. It is very hard to read for lots of text as it is much too chunky to be comfortable on the eye.

Try a different sans-serif font like Verdana, Ariel or Helvetica.

Also the page is very long so try using an index and sub-pages or if you want it all in one, consider having a list of contents at the beginning with in page links and a return to top facility.

Jack Spencer Jr

Well, printed out the font doesn't look tht bad, but it probably could be better.

It prints out to 5 pages so I wouldn't be worth it to make several web pages and I doubt that the table of contents links thing would be helpful either since it is so short.  Or, at least, I don't think it would be worth the effort to make.


  This is my first checking out the Pool, which has piqued my curiosity based solely on the forum threads.  I really like the idea of the Hero War's style Story creation, and that the story grows with each session.  I also really liked the MoV and that the other players can chip in dice to keep you alive, but I'm not sure how well the pool would replentish itself.
 If you gamble two dice, you have less than a third of a chance of succeeding, and breaking even.It seems that the only way to really break even, or grow, is to min/max your character with a +3 trait and try to use it all the time.  Of course, the GM's bonus dice probably could even this out.
 Definitely some good ideas, I'd like to try it out sometime.


James V. West


Sorry about the crappy font.

Actually, we've been debating the replenishment thing. This version says you get two dice for every success, which I believe will work fine. The thing to keep in mind is that the game isnt' designed for tons of rolling. Losing all your dice is part of the game. It happens, and should happen. But winning massive MoV's also happens and should happen. I've played it several times myself and it works great (even with getting one die per success instead of two).

Try it sometime.



P.S. font change soon....

Jeffrey Straszheim

The HTML is fine.  I'm wondering, however, what reason you had to require an MoV be taken in cases where the player chooses to roll?  Speaking for myself, I can't see any reason to not allow a player to go ahead and take the two dice if she chooses.

Also, my current reading is that the GM may gift up to three dice on a player requested roll, but does not have to.  For a GM request roll, on the other hand, at least on die must be gifted.  Is this correct?

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Jeffrey Straszheim