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Started by melchyor, July 22, 2003, 04:48:32 PM

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I've been getting nothing but 403 authorization error pages when I try to connect to for the last day or so.

I am trying to get information on The Pool game system.

Clinton R. Nixon

This is actually totally my fault (well, the fault of a web host gone bad, plus me not noticing it.) This will be fixed exceptionally soon, as in by Thursday.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

James V. West


Just got back from Savannah to find my website is down. Way down. Looks like Clinton knows the deal. I'll be getting with him and I'm sure all will be peachy keen in ROCland asap.

If anyone's interested, I'm laying out the new ROCG right now so I can get it in the mail by month's end. And it's going to have two RPGs instead of one! Mean Streets '79 and Kathanaksaya Lite. Cool, huh?


Is a copy of the basic rules for The Pool available on any other site?


You can try google cache :)
Search with suitable keywords at and voila! The PDF might be unavailable but you can view it as a html file, the rules are in there. That's how I just did it.


^ Very nice. I use Google all the time, but never bothered to think what those little "Cache" links were for. Ya learn something everyday.

Trevis Martin

The rules are also available at the indie-netgaming yahoo group (click on the link below) in the files section.



Blake Hutchins

I suspect some folks (like me) could easily e-mail you a copy of the rules if you can't find a download.



James V. West

Yep, I can also email the rules if anyone needs them.

I'm going to get the site back up by this weekend.

James V. West

Ok, the site is back up. Mostly. I uploaded the RPG pages and the ROCG stuff, but none of the comics and art. I want to re-design the whole thing from the ground up so this might be a good time to do it.

For now, though, at least some of it is fully functional.