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Goodbye, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu...

Started by Jared A. Sorensen, July 30, 2003, 10:36:38 AM

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Jared A. Sorensen

Hey, everyone.

Just wanted to let folks know that I'm closing up shop here on the Forge. It has been a fantastic run these last few years and I've learned a lot about game design and publishing. But I feel that it's time to stop being an indie game designer and just focus on being a game designer. To do that, I need my own space. Besides, I'm a dinosaur here and with all the new guys popping up hither and thither with great ideas, well, it's time for me to make my dramatic exit whilst I'm stil relevant. ;)

I guess MMT's forum will be set aside for posterity in the inactive forums area (hey, I'm in good company) and I have no problem with that.

So, in no particular order, thanks to Clinton and Ron for creating and fostering such an amazing site. To the "old guard" from the Gaming Outpost, the "second generation" and the new kids on the block. To the fans, thanks for all your support. I'm not dead yet...

It's been real.

- J
jared a. sorensen /

Jason L Blair

Godspeed ye merry Sorensen, may nothing you dismay.
Jason L Blair
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Well, uh, okay?  What does that mean?  Are you going to get a job with a game company or something?  Not that that would be bad, I'm just curious as to what your plans are.  How does an "indie" game designer become a plain vanilla game designer, in your estimation?

Good luck, in whatever you endeavor!


It's a good question. The only way he can stop being "indie" by the Forge definition is to give up on creator ownership.
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ryan m rich

bye bye jared. We shall miss you.

by miss I mean see your 'sold out work later'

good for you really


Actually, poking around I see that Jared and John Wick both have the same line in their sig files:

Coming in 2004: Wicked-Dead Brewing Company


I shall sit back in contented anticipation and wait for events to unfold before me.

Matt Machell

Hey Jared, good luck in that whole independance thing.

Just thought I should mention that your games had a hell of a lot to do with me coming to the Forge.

I await future developments...