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Started by Jared A. Sorensen, March 05, 2003, 03:45:55 PM

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Jared A. Sorensen

Just a request that all new Roles for octaNe go in this thread. Thanks!

- J
jared a. sorensen /

Jared A. Sorensen

Derek Devlin posted:

Role: Samurai Pimp
Profile: You are a pimp with a code of honor learned from a ragged copy of Hagekure. You protect those who serve you, and you demand loyalty(and money) in return. You defend your territory, dress for success, and once your word is given you will keep it or die trying. Any sucka who messes with you will find your cane contains the steely blade of a katana and your pimpedelic exterior contains the steely heart of a samurai.
Stamping Grounds: Shangri-L.A.
Quote: "What is the sound of one hand clapping? You're gonna find out, bitch, if you ain't got my money."
Mode: Psychotronic, Grindhouse
Gear: Flashy threads, big hat, sword cane, copy of Hagekure.
Styles: Daring, Charm
Skills: Pimp-fu, hack things up with katana, philosophize, call in favor

I gotta note that "Derek Devlin" is the cat who sent me a big-ass list of octaNe Roles, back in the day. I think nearly all of them made it into the version that's currently available. :)
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Jared A. Sorensen

Colin Chapman posted:

Role: Feral Kid
Profile: The only parents you recall are the wild monkeys, apes, or canines who raised you, but now even they are gone. Armed with a sharp, bent piece of metal and the instincts of a wild beast, you have gone out into the world to find a new pack, a new family.
Stamping Grounds: The Wastelands
Quote: "Oooh aah aah aah!" (growl)
Mode: Anything other than Grindhouse...
Gear: Dirty furs, messy hair, sharp metal boomerang.
Styles: Daring
Skills: Caper about like a monkey, Grunt and howl, Lethal with a boomerang, Sneaking around

Role: Cannibal Hillbilly
Profile: You were raised to be a proud member of your family, respecting your Ma and Pa, and always being polite enough to have other folks over for dinner... Outsiders drop by now and then, helping to keep the larder stocked, but when pickings are lean you need to go out hunting.
Stamping Grounds: The Wastelands
Quote: "Squeal, piggy!"
Mode: Grindhouse, and only Grindhouse...
Gear: Meat cleaver, pig knuckle (double-barreled shotgun), banjo, bottle of moonshine
Styles:Daring, Craft
Skills: Blast away with a pig knuckle, hack madly with a cleaver, look demented and creepy, play the banjo wildly.

Role: Uncontrolled Psychic
Profile: The powers you have were once weak, but the fools took you, they gave you those tablets and injections, treated you like an experiment. The headaches began, your powers blossomed, powers that you used to escape. But they are still after you, the migraines are getting worse, and you constantly battle to control your powers.
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "Leave... me... alone!"
Mode: Any
Gear: Headache tablets, inconspicuous clothing
Styles: Magic (well, Psychic really)
Skills: Cause things to combust, hurl things with your mind, make people's heads explode, read minds

Role: Fearless Vampire Killer
Profile: Vampires, the lords of the undead, are a plague on the living, a plague you've dedicated your life to wiping out! Courageously, you hunt the bloodsucking children of the night, laying them to their final rest, and making the night safe for the living once again!
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "Return to death, vile fiend!"
Mode: Any
Gear: Several sharpened stakes, crossbow, large wooden crucifix, vials of holy water
Styles: Daring, Craft
Skills: Aim for the heart, ward vampires away with your crucifix, vampire lore, bless water

Role: Psycho Child
Profile: You like to play, but your friends, they don't seem to last very long. You've had lots of friends, but they were all selfish, and they stopped playing with you after a while. They even stopped moving when you were near. It's no fun anymore with no one to play with. Time to go out and find some new friends?
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "Let's play?"
Mode: Grindhouse
Gear: Neat and tidy kid's clothing, teddy bear or doll, big shiny knife.
Styles: Craft, Charm
Skills: Makes things bleed, look all innocent and cute, look as scary as hell, move in eerie silence

Role: Righteous Sister
Profile: The Man is keeping your people down, but you're fighting the good fight, the right fight. You're one bad diva, a funky soul sister, a foxy lady. You might be on the side of right, but honey, you are living it. You've got it all, baby, the style, the sass, the looks, and the respect. You're a real queen of the streets, a Cleopatra of cool, a whole lotta woman.
Stamping Grounds: Shangri-L.A., Lost Vegas
Quote: "I'm 6'2" of dynamite, sugar."
Mode: Grindhouse
Gear: Funky threads, sunglasses, 'fro, .357 Magnum
Styles: Any except Might or Magic
Skills: High kicking, look damn fine, twist men around your little finger, put bullets into bad guys

Role: Man-Thing
Profile: You were working hard on an experiment that would've helped so many people. But everything went wrong. It might've been thugs, or your crazed partner, but they wrecked the lab, and left you for dead amid the chemicals, substances, and toxins, the experiment, and you, ruined. But you didn't die, you were changed into something powerful and hideous, with the heart of a man!
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "I am not an animal! I am the (insert name here)!"
Mode: Any
Gear: One or two garments of clothing, maybe
Styles: Daring, Might
Skills: Pummel things, ignore puny attacks, regenerate, intimidate bad guys

Role: Intergalactic Enforcer
Profile: You're an alien, but you happen to look exactly like the Earthlings you've been sent by the Intergalactic League to protect. Yes, the Galactic League saw fit to send you, their top enforcer, to this backwater planet, so you can protect the unsuspecting humans from alien ne'er-do-wells and criminals. Unfortunately, your spaceship crashed on entry, and now you're stuck here.
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "I protect the Earth from the scum of the universe."
Mode: Psychotronic
Gear: Power gauntlet, plasma pistol, Intergalactic League Enforcer I.D., alien locator wristband
Styles: Daring, Craft, Might
Skills: Blast smoking holes in things, punch through things, languages, recognize aliens

Role: Gun-totin' Nun
Profile: Mother Superior always told you that you were on the frontline of the fight against sin and wickedness, and you took that sermon to heart, taking to the highways and byways to bring Salvation to the sinner, succor to the needy, and hot leaden death to the unredeemable!
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "Praise the Lord and pass the ammo!"
Mode: Grindhouse
Gear: Habit, crucifix, the Good Book, pump-action shotgun.
Styles: Daring, Charm, Magic
Skills: Bring leaden retribution to the wicked, sermonize, radiate Godly devotion, inspire guilty feelings
jared a. sorensen /

Jared A. Sorensen

Adam Jury posted:

Role: Traditional Canadian
Profile: The traditional Canadian struggles to regain yesteryears fame and respect in a world that has for the large part passed him by. With work dwindling in the Great White North he spends much of his time scrounging for work around Lost Vegas, New Texaco, or other areas where his talent is still used, if not appreciated. Failing that, he may open his own wrestling school to spread the tradition to those willing to learn.
Stamping Grounds: The Great White North or Anywhere he can find work
Quote: "If you do not respect my skills now, you will respect me after I make you submit!"
Mode: All but Grindhouse. But if you want to put him through a meat-grinder . . .
Gear: Plain wrestling tights, van with 100,000 miles on it
Styles: Might, Ingenuity, Craft
Skills: Wrestling like Stu Hart Showed Us, Keeping the Van Running, Restaurants Across the Continent, Teaching Kids the Real Way.

Role: Modern American Superstar!
Profile: The Modern American Superstar firmly believes that wherever he is, he's on stage, on TV, on Pay-Per View! [The fact that nobody has a TV doesn't seem to bother him very much, but he won't stop asking about the damned 'ratings'. . .] Larger than life and rarely at a loss for words, he doesn't have a problem telling anyone - en-ee-one - what he thinks of them, and that seems to make everyone like him even more. Especially those wrestling groupies.
Stamping Grounds: Lost Vegas, Shangri-La
Quote: "If I've told you once, I've told you a million times, there is nothing you can do about it! I will be the champion... or die trying!"
Mode: All, but mostly Psychotronic
Gear: Flashy wrestling gear, box of fireworks [gotta provide your own pyro], anabolic steroids
Styles: Charm, Daring
Skills: Telling People What To Think, Crash TV Wrestling, Emergency Clothing Repairs, Last Minute Booking

Role: Japanese Wrestler
Profile: Surrounded by his posse of ring-crew, the Japanese Wrestler has a dual purpose - first, to keep the Gaijen from invading the territory, and to reassure the Japanese public that no matter what, the evil sea monsters will not invade. A hero to his countryman, the Japanese Wrestler is as fond of the ceremony and worship as he is of kicking ass in the ring. Especially Gaijen ass . . . with a flaming barbed wire 2x4.
Stamping Grounds: Japan
Quote: "Gaijin ni kattawa na kya nannai ze!"
Mode: Psychotronic
Gear: Wrestling Mask, Tights, and Cape.
Styles: Daring, Charm, Might
Skills: Stiff Wrestling, Running from Crazy Japanese Schoolgirls, Made Up Monster Wrangling, Savoring Sushi
jared a. sorensen /

Spooky Fanboy

Role: Permanent Midnight Party Person
Profile: One date with the wrong person too many, and you ended back up on This Side of the Great Divide, with a brand new bad habit. On the other hand, nothing really cool ever happens before sundown, anyway! Your liquid protein diet keeps you in fighting trim and looking good, and your supernatural gifts allow you to experience all kinds of fun. But sunburn is a righteous pain, and speaking of righteous pains, how about them stake-waving religious nutjobs?
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere.
Quote: "A monster I am lest a monster *snort* HA, HA HA HAA!! I can't even think about saying that crap with a straight face!"
Mode: Psychotronic, Grindhouse, Arthouse
Gear: Stylish black clothing, book of Gothic poetry, clove cigarettes, snotty attitude. Plus some actually useful stuff, in case you seriously P.O. the wrong people.
Styles: Charm, Might, Magic
Skills: Sinister charisma, supernatural prowess, super-mesmerism, change forms, undead vitality
Proudly having no idea what he's doing since 1970!

Colin Chapman

Here's my trash-culture tribute to the vampire, inspired by all the female vampires in every Hammer Horror film ever made, such as The Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula, Brides of Dracula, etc. Ingrid Pitt, eat your heart out:

Role: Busty Vampire Wench
Profile: Life was good as a simple maid, all those centuries ago in the mythical land of Old Angland. But then the dark and saturnine form of the Count appeared. By him you were made a Bride of the Night. Now, you've awoken in a strange land and time, and though the day is still your enemy, you seduce, and feed, just as you've always done.
Stamping Grounds: Shangri-L.A., Lost Vegas, New Texaco.
Quote: "I'm so cold, won't you lend me some of your warmth?"
Mode: Grindhouse, Arthouse
Gear: Low-cut antique dress, hidden coffin.
Styles: Charm, Magic
Skills: Heaving bosoms of seduction, look innocent even when stained with blood, vampiric resistances to attack, mesmerize with a glance.


Derek Devlin

Role: Used Car Salesman
Profile: Hello my friend, have I got a deal for you! Check out this octaNe role, a charming role, an important role, a role that's only been used once by a little old lady from Pasadena. Check out those Styles! And the Skills, let me tell you about these Skills. No octaNe group should be without them. Howsabout you take this little beauty for a spin, hah?
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere there are cars and suckers
Quote: "Tell you what I'll do, just because I like ya, I'll knock ten percent off the sticker price. And I'll even throw in the steering wheel at no extra charge."
Mode: Psychotronic, Grindhouse
Gear: Ugly polyester suit, toupee, cheap cigars, keys to several "previously-enjoyed" vehicles
Styles: Ingenuity, Charm
Skills: Spot Sucker a Mile Away, Camoflage Vehicular Damage, Fast Talk, Confuse Others with Vehicular Terminology

Role: Clone of Mr. T
Profile: During the 90s, Mr. T fell on hard times. To make ends meet, he became a test subject in a cloning experiment. Most of the clones died or became horrible monstrosities(some may still wander the wastes) but a few clones beat the odds. You're one of them. You awakened from a cryo chamber in an underground lab a few weeks ago and wandered off into a world that was not your own, armed only with some gold chains, a crude weapon, and an anti-drug stay-in-school message for the kids. I pity da fool who gets in your way.
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "Listen up, Jimmy. Drugs are bad medicine, and strictly for suckas. Now where did you see this punk who was dealing?"
Mode: Psychotronic
Gear: Gold chains, crude club, jumpsuit and combat boots
Styles: Daring, Charm, Might
Skills: Beating Up Suckas, Communicating with Kids, Feats of Strength, Intimidating Presence

Role: The Dragon Returned
Profile: Bruce Lee met his untimely death in 1973, but his warrior soul lived on. Now that soul has returned to Earth in a new body, ready to fight the forces of evil. Of course, this body is a little different from the old one. Maybe you're a young black man, or an old white woman. Or a one-legged albino Russian hypnotherapist. Or a housecat. Regardless of the form you have now, you are still very much Bruce Lee, ready and able to give a boot colonic to any villain who crosses your path.
Stamping Grounds: Anywhere
Quote: "Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory."
Mode: Psychotronic
Gear: Stuff appropriate to your current form
Styles: Daring, Might
Skills: Kick Butt Just Like Bruce Lee, 3 skills appropriate to your current form

Derek Devlin


This gal would be an excellent denizen for your grindhouse games set in New Texaco.  I was inspired to do this character by a poster done by Japanese artist Masamune Shirow that can be seen HERE

Role: Bounty Bimbo(or Marshal Bimbo)
Profile: Whether its making men hot and stiff or cold and stiff its the same with her. This tough,stripper chick rides the range hunting bad men in the sleaziest bars and back alleys of the Westworld. Flaunting her bod and blowing guys away gets  her off, the bounty is just a bonus.
Stamping Grounds: New Texaco
Quote:"Thats a BIG pistol,hombre now pull up your pants and take a look at mine,its BIGGER...."
Gear: Threadbare western outfits,Lingerie,Makeup,Great Big Guns,Smokes,Wanted Posters(Tin Star for Marshall Bimbo),Handcuffs(for business and pleasure....),Derringer in Garter,hip flask (on NICE hips)
Syles: Daring, Charm
Skills:Flaunt Bod,Seduce,Cowgirl Stuff,Look Hot while blowing things away,Look hot while brawling,Look hot while drinking guys under table

 Although inspired by a western character Modern versions of the Bounty Bimbo are possible.
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Jared A. Sorensen

Quote from: b_bankheadThis gal would be an excellent denizen for your grindhouse games set in New Texaco.  I was inspired to do this character by a poster done by Japanese artist Masamune Shirow that can be seen HERE

Link is not totally work safe...

I like the Role's name.

- J
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