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Author Topic: Mythic Gates - Campaign Concept and Alternate SA Uses  (Read 1329 times)

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The Mythic Gates
The Riddle of Steel

Your mother is a Dragon. She gained her Draconic status from her years as a hero. The way she fought, hoarded, protected her own and surrounded herself with magic turned her into the fierce beast she is today. Once she was human and young like you.

Her kingdom has allies, friends from her adventurous youth. The Rukh to the north took a heroic leap from a skyship to save an innocent's life. He went through the Mythic Gate during his descent, becoming a hawk the size of a castle. The Griffon in the valley to the south was a ferocious, proud and valiant warrior. His steps through the Gate came after winning a princess's hand at the Tournament.

Her kingdom has enemies, not all steps through the Mythic Gate are valiant, some gain their foothold by the atrocities they commit.

It is time for you to leave your mother's lair-keep, find the beast that your destiny has in store for you. Your actions will determine the form of your turning. Inaction leads to a gray death stuck in a human form. Only epic heroism will take you through the Mythic Gate.


Going through the Mythic Gate is all about realizing your SA's or dying while realizing an SA in an epic manner.  If you go through the Mythic Gate while dying, you become an NPC but if you go through while living, you can go on playing your newly monstrous character.


Tiamina, daughter of the Dragon


Passion - To Serve her Mother

Passion - Love, Sir Calagiro, Order of St. George

Drive - Draconic To Gather her Hoard

Destiny - Draconic To succeed her mother

Faith - Draconic Tiamat's Five Heads See All

Each Mythical Beast would be discussed with the Seneschal and the Player.  Together they would assign the Beast with an Insight Level where the character will become the beast.

There are SA's on Tiamina's sheet that are deemed Draconic, meaning that if she dies while chasing any of those SA's she will turn into a Dragon, but will be an NPC.  As stated above, she won't retain control of her character unless she turns through Insight.

While serving her mother, a Dragon, might be argued as being Dragon oriented, Dragons are mostly solitary beasts and serving another isn't a Draconic ideal, so it isn't listed as a Draconic SA.

Once a character goes through the Mythic Gate, there's always the Holy Gate and opening gates, be they Mythic, Holy or beyond, they hold only more questions about the Riddle of Steel.

Comments?  Critiques?  Ideas?

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