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Author Topic: First game of Donjon (longish)  (Read 1764 times)

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« on: August 11, 2003, 08:18:22 PM »

I finally got my little group out of d&d and into donjon. There are four of us: My friend, my wife, my son, and myself.

We used the 21 point attributes, and my wife and son plunked characters out of the monster pak, then min maxed them for combat. We have a Crime Fighter, a Fighter, and a Fire Wizard in the group.

We played the Fungus among us, and got  into the caves. We were playing on "Monty Python and the Geeks" setting, so anything was apt to happen.

It began quickly with Grizzold offering them the job, plus letting them know of the other parties that are also on the way.

With a crime fighter in the group, it wasn't long before they happened upon poor Tom. A member of the Odorous Eight, Tom was surrounded by Goblins. These were promptly dispatched and Tom eagerly joined the party. (Although everyone tried to keep their distance, the group Tom runs in is named aptly) Tom told them that the others had run away, leaving him for dead. When asked, he declared that he was a "demon hunter".

Rezman Mott, the wizard, used fly a lot to get over cliffs, rivers, etc. With a  6 in virility and 4 in casting, he usually had a ton of dice. (we were using the d2 variant, where odds are fails and evens successes)  I think I'll get him sometime.

The river was fun, as soon as they arrived they made Tom strip and take a bath (the wizard pulled some soap out of his pack.) Tom promptly got attacked by the snakes and ran out with one attached in a most inapproprate place.

The last even was a cry for help, which the crime fighter said was high pitched, and close. It turned out there was someone stuck in a pit full of snakes! Luckily she had jumped in the pile of loot and was hiding there. The crime fighter did a stunning attack by leaping from above , and the fighter charged in. Soon the snakes were but a memory. But the girl still wouldn't come out of the loot! When someone came close the girl shot up in the air, her face splitting open into a huge maw. It missed by inches and scared the beejeesus out of everyone.

The wizard was going to blast the monster with fire, but cooler heads remembered not to melt the treasure. A quick chop, and the creature was defeated.

I was having a tough time hurting anyone. The only thing I got was a Poison Toad that jumped on the ceiling, clung there, and then attacked. He did 2 points of damage to the crime fighter. I need to beef up the monsters I think. But I was also doing things wrong in combat, I was putting in the weapons to attack as well. I won't do that next time.

Everyone had a great time, and I just wanted to share it.

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