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Expanding the franchise - MLwM the card game

Started by GB Steve, August 14, 2003, 02:59:01 PM

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GB Steve

Or, Turning art into moolah.

MLwM would make a cracking card game.

Each player would be a minion. In front of them on the table they would collect Villagers with whom they have made connections, adding cards such as "The Puppy", "A Gift of Flowers", "A Sweet Song" to increase the Love rating.

Meanwhile, other players would play cards on them to send them on Missions for the master such as "Killing Puppies for Satan", "More Brains Needed", or the awful "You Always Hurt The One You Love". These missions have to be carried out on villagers who are in play.

The player with the mission attacks using cards such as "Big Hands", "A Stolen Axe" or "Pushed from Behind". The owner of the villager card can defend with "Disctracted by a passing Butterfly", "Puppy Attack", or "Slipped on some Brains".

The first player to collect enough Love wins.

Call it Chez Frankenstein and I'm sure Steve Jackson would buy it. Call it Devil Minion wants a Brain and James Ernest's your man.


Mike Holmes

Holy cow, that's hilarious! :-)

I'm even seeing it with Kovalic art.

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John Harper

This is *such* a good idea. You could have a "Master Deck" that has a bunch of horrible qualities (Needs, Wants, evil schemes, etc.) that you can draw for the Master. And the "greater than/less than" abilities could shift to card mechanics. "You may draw two extra Villainy cards, but only if the Puppy is not in play." The Love cards should have a religious-art-style burning heart on them.

Aw, man... I want this. Also, I want to art-direct it. :)
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In the meantime, I could see some sort of translation sheet that "translated" a 52-card deck into the game, somehow.  Hearts = Love, Spades = Villany, Clubs = Violence, Diamonds = Schemes, or somesuch.

Brian Leybourne

It's a damn cool concept, but the sheer cost involved in producing a CCG (or even just a CG if you don't want to make it.. err.. C *grin*) is probably, I'm guessing, going to take it out of the bounds of reality, at least until MLWM makes Paul a millionaire.

On top of the development, testing, artwork, production, marketing etc costs, it's a hard market to break into, against the big boys like Magic (the first and still the most popular) and Pokemon.

Could be fun as a fan project though...

Brian Leybourne

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Hm.  I'm seeing 'greater than' and 'less than' being decks in their own right, so folks can either construct their minion from an array of options, or people can just get their minions dealt to them.

Of course, part of me is now envisioning this as much as a board game, too.