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[Newbie Question re: Search Function]

Started by Halzebier, August 21, 2003, 04:51:02 PM

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Hi there!

I'm usually quite capable of using a search engine, but the Forge's eludes me. I was trying to read up on some topics such as the Impossible Thing, but "impossible thing" gives me hundreds of posts which contain both words, but not side by side...

So what's the deal? How can I find, say, a definition or thread concerned with the Impossible Thing, the Lumpley Principle and so on?

TIA & Regards,


W. Don

Hi Halzebier! Welcome to The Forge!

For basic terminology such as "The Impossible Thing", "Lumpley Principle", "Author Stance", and so on: Try clicking on the articles link above and go over the GNS articles. There's a helpful glossary of terms (at the end of the articles) included in most of them.


- W.

Ron Edwards

Hi there,

Here's how I use the search engine.

1. I make sure to click the "all terms" option, so that a post will be flagged only if all terms are present, not just one of them.

2. I also specify an author. This will be a problem for new Forge members, but once you're here for a while, you'll know which authors have probably offered the most about particular topics.

E.g., discussions of the Lumpley Principle would almost certainly include comments by "lumpley," or Vincent Baker. Issues about protagonists or protagonism will include comments by Paul Czege. Debates about illusionism probably include comments by Marco. And so on.