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Suggestion for post subject line

Started by ethan_greer, August 26, 2003, 01:38:05 PM

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I've noticed that individual post subjects (not thread subjects) are easy to miss or ignore and sometimes this is unfortunate.  Is there a way to make post subjects stand out a bit more?  Just a thought.

Mike Holmes

Good point. At first I wasn't even sure what you were talking about. But I agree that it's too small to be worthwhile. If I want a title to the thread, I just put it in the post and make it all colorful and large and stuff. I very rarely use the post title.

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Ron Edwards

Hi Ethan,

My preference would be for no Post Subjects to exist at the Forge. Whole threads are supposed to be one-topic only; the very existence or temptation to rename a given post should tip off the poster that they should begin a new thread.

I suggest that everyone consider the original topic title to be maintained as the post title for every post in the thread. This is consistent with the reasoning that led Clinton and me to enforce Flat Viewing for the site.



I agree, it'd be nice if it was more... visible, somehow.
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Ron, I see your point.  However, I look at individual post subjects as not a tool to subvert a thread, but rather as a useful tagline for an individual message within a thread.  But in any case it's not an important issue (I never use the subject myself except when starting a thread), just an observation.

Rock on...

M. J. Young

To clarify Ethan's point, sometimes the subject of a thread is fairly broad, and a post addressing a narrow aspect of that can be more useful if understood as such.

I've come to ignore the subject line, both in posting and in reading, because the software discourages noticing it; but I do see value in it, particularly in broader topic threads.

--M. J. Young

Ron Edwards


Since Clinton's the main man when it comes to forum management and design, the decision's ultimately up to him.

So he and I have gone into "moderator consultation" about it. We'll emerge later. As you know, Forge policy sessions are verrrrrry slow ...