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The Questing Beast

Started by Mike Holmes, October 19, 2001, 03:44:00 PM

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Mike Holmes

Hey James,

Back yet? Are you any farther on TQB? Can you give us any preview?


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Haven't heard hide nor hair from James, but I'll say this:

His take on Arthurian legend is pretty darned cool.

'Nuff said.

- Moose

James V. West


I just rolled in from vaction in Cape Cod last night. What a week. I'm pooped but I had a blast. I picked up at least 20 books, including some old Arthurian books.

I can't give a date on when THE QUESTING BEAST will be finished. This is my first time doing a complete game so I don't know how to gague the progress. The foundations are laid and now I'm in the midst of making it presentable. Thanks for asking.

James V. West