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[HotNW] Suggest Section Titles!

Started by GMSkarka, September 13, 2003, 12:18:13 AM

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godfather punk

Hmm.. this is harder than I thought.  Everytime I think of a song I find out it's either a 70's or 90's song.  That's the trouble with never growing up I guess.

Also, do you need Hit song titles or are titles of B-sides or more obscure songs good enough too?  And any genre or only New Wave groups?  And I keep thinking of songs I love but whose title has no use for your project.

Here are some:

Introduction :
- Like a virgin (Madonna)
- Welcome to the Pleasure Dome (Franky goes to Holywood)
- Absolute beginners (David Bowie)
- Play the game (Queen)

Character Generation :
- Small town boy (Bronskie Beat)
- Kings of the wild frontier (AdamAnt)
- Demolition man (the Police)

Skills :
- It ain't what you do; it's the way that you do it (Fun Boy Three & Bananarama)
- The reflex (Duran Duran)

Combat :
- Kung Fu Fighting (Carl Douglas) (1974!)
- When two tribes go to war (Franky goes to Holywood)
- Life on the line (Fad Gadget)

Damage and Healing :
- Open you heart (Human League)
- Doctor doctor (UFO) (damn 1971! I'm too old for this shit)
- I will survive (Gloria Gaynor)

Equipment :
- 68 guns (Alarm)
- Swords of a thousand men (Ten Pole Tudor)

Vehicles section :
- Behind the wheel (Depeche Mode)

Paranormal :
- Promissed you a miracle (Simple Minds)
- Dream police (Cheap Trick)
- It's a Sin (Talk Talk)
- Land of confusion (Genesis)

Game master Hints :
- The voice (Ultravox)
- Master and servant (Depeche Mode)
- No more fear of flying (Gary Brooker) (1979! Would somebody please do a 70's game?  Bill Bixby IS the Magician!))

NPC's :
- People are people (Depeche Mode)
- Robert DeNiro's waiting (Bananarama)
- Another brick in the wall (Pink Floyd)

Scenario seeds :
- Stories for boys (U2)
- Play for today (the Cure)

Experience points :
- Glittering prize (Simple Minds)

Index :
Is Vic there? (Department S)



I hope it's not too late to post in this thread...

A few that I remember that nobody has brought up yet that might fit in somewhere.

- I come from the Land Down Under (Men At Work) (Worldbuilding or Character Creation?)
- Life in One Day (Howard Jones) (Character Creation?)
- King of Pain (Police) (Combat? Injury?)
- I Want a New Drug (Huey Lewis & the News) (Medicine/Healing?)
- Sweet Dreams are Made of This (Eurythmics) ("What is Roleplaying?", Adventure Seeds?)
- Invisible Touch (Genesis) (Paranormal?)
- Run Run Away (Slade) (Disengaging from Combat?)
- Electric Avenue (?) (Equipment)
- All I Need is a Miracle (Mike + the Mechanics) (Paranormal? Luck? Resolution mechanics?)
- Violence (Pet Shop Boys) (Combat)
- What Have I Done to Deserve This? (Pet Shop Boys) (Adventure Seeds?)
- Money Changes Everything (Cyndi Lauper) (Er, Money? Equipment?)
- Shoot High Aim Low (Yes) (Combat)
- We Got the Beat (Go-gos) (Combat)
- I Hope that I get Old before I Die (TMBG) (Aging, Injury)
- Elvis is Everywhere (?) (Sounds like an Adventure Seed to me...)

Peter Gabriel is a rich vein:
- Don't Give Up
- I Have the Touch (Skills? Advantages?)
- I Don't Remember
- Shock the Monkey (combat?)

Sure, 'She Blinded Me With Science' is a good choice, but you have lots to play with when it comes to Thomas Dolby:

- My Brain is Like a Seive (Skills?)
- Aliens Ate my Buick (Adventure Seeds?)
- Europa and the Pirate Twins
- May the Cube Be With You
Dana Johnson
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