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Character Creation Issues

Started by Pilgrim, September 12, 2003, 11:41:33 PM

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I've been trying to tinker together a character and nothing is really coming together for me. I also found that in the Playtesters Unite thread, others were/are having the same problem. I'm specifically having trouble with the pre-Awakening life of characters - what brings them to Prometheus' attention? Are they exceptional individuals before their awakenings? Is there something that all Archons have in common before taking to life in the larger 9 Worlds?

Once I either struggle past that, or ignore it completely, I come to the next issue - the Muses. I know they drive the character even before awakening, but given that, wouldn't most PCs have a 9 Muse rating for Earth? Also, most of the Muses seem to be based on some level of experience with the larger 9 Worlds - either through being there or living in it (IIRC you've said that the Moon(?), Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Atlantis and Jupiter house mortal populations) before awakening. So, I'm a bit stuck on how to chose Muses.

Then we get to the role of the PC. To me, this is a 1-5 word (at most!) description that covers most of what the character does and is in the setting. I do understand that the classics (Wanderer, Thief, Gambler, Sailor, Soldier, Rabble Rouser, Merchant, Spy, Freedom Fighter, and others) still apply, but fleshing out how these roles apply in the setting. In Exalted the same problem applies, but the setting material gives you enough to work with to figure out many of the hows yourself - which 9 Worlds lacks right now.  

Finally, you mentioned in that thread concepts like Mercurian Merchant, Aethership Privateer, Aquarian Spy, Martian Warlord, Aegis Agent, Titan Turncoat, Atlantean Slave, but all of those seemed based on experienced Archons, or on individuals that were awakened after living in the 9 Worlds.

So, can I make a suggestion or two?

Assume the PCs have been out among the larger 9 Worlds for a period of time - a year or two seems right. Enough time for the PCs to have an idea of what's going on, but not enough (hopefully) to become powers.

Another is that you mention what life is like for the mortals that live among the larger 9 Worlds.

Also, go take a look at Castle Falkenstein - I don't expect your setting material to be as lush as that - but as an example of how to provide some templates/roles without a lot of game mechanics for an unusual setting.

I hope this helps.
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