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Thank you for volunteering

Started by Ron Edwards, September 12, 2003, 08:19:35 PM

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Ron Edwards

Over in Internet piracy on documents, Dave Panchyk wrote,

Quoteit's time to create some "Wisdom of the Forge" threads/stickies/articles/sutras, that encapsulate the "best practices" (in corporate parlance) of experienced Forge publishers and the big huge brains that love them.

And no, don't look at me to do any of them, unless by way of trade someone offers to sit me down and explain GNS in terms a Canadian can understand.

Dave, your offer is accepted. Email me at, and, over the course of a small number of dialogue-exchanges, if I can't explain the theory to your satisfaction, you create three (3) lists of "core reading" links of the topics of your choosing.

This post is neither sarcastic nor specious.