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"Missing" About the Forge items?

Started by Lxndr, September 24, 2003, 04:37:10 PM

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For those who don't know, or haven't checked it in a while, there is this really nifty "about the forge" link up at the top of the page.  It discusses what the Forge is about, explains how it operates and gives a PayPal link, and also sells Forge Gear through CafePress.

There are some things I recently saw mentioned in another thread that, to me, seem perfect to be mentioned in the "About the Forge" portion of this site, yet are not there.  I also have a question myself that, imho, should be mentioned SOMEWHERE (and About seems the likeliest place).

This is my two-pronged attempt to:

(a) humbly request that they be added and,
(b) if there is a reason why they're NOT added, I'd like to ask why.

First, mentioned in another thread that I closed out and can't find again:
Quote from: someone, Clinton maybe?- You can get a subdomain at the Forge ( for $60/year.

- You can host your games on the Forge Bookshelf for $40/10 MB of games/year.

Both of these, I think, would make sense as something added to the "About the Forge" page, likely under "How the Forge Operates", hovering somewhere near that paypal button.  Is there a reason why these two bits of information aren't more public?

Next question, related to the last:  Is there any place where I could find out the various subdomains of  That seems like a useful tool to have, though I'm sure it's VAGUELY possible that someone might want to pay the Forge $60/year in order to get a website NOBODY SHOULD EVER GET TO.  Perhaps it should be opt-in, and/or opt-out?

Once again, "About the Forge" seems like a good place to list "here are the people we're already hosting" and/or at least have a link to such.

Final question, tangentially related to the above in my somewhat aberrant mind:

It would be nice to see, somewhere, some sort of guidelines on when/if new forums are allowed to fledgling game companies.  Paul and Ethan's new forums were created entirely behind the scenes, far as I can tell, and the one person who asked for a forum in this thread (BBrack, for Promised Sands) didn't wind up getting one for whatever reason (did he wind up saying no?).  An "etiquette/process for asking for a Forge forum" sort of commentary would also be nice, and once again, "About" seems a reasonable place.

But I ramble.  I hope this makes sense, I'm writing it somewhat rushingly at work, and I'm about to be whisked off.
Alexander Cherry, Twisted Confessions Game Design
Maker of many fine story-games!
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Clinton R. Nixon


All good ideas that probably should be implemented. I've got a neat idea on how to do it easier that would add a "Recent Changes" feature, something I've always wanted.

Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games


Looking forward to it, Clinton.  :)
Alexander Cherry, Twisted Confessions Game Design
Maker of many fine story-games!
Moderator of Indie Netgaming