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[BaD RPG]:Intro, mechanics and some flavour.

Started by ZenDog, September 27, 2003, 10:54:17 PM

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Hail! And well met brave adventurer!

Welcome to 'Battles and Dungeons', the game of heroic fantasy roleplaying.
In the unique world of 'Battles and Dungeons' players can take on the personae of mighty warriors, noble Elves, haughty Dwarves, and powerful sorcerors.
In a world where dragons,unicorns, cenatuars and minotaurs, guard the entrances to mystical dungeons and mighty treasures. A world where only your imagination is the limit.

Welcome to Battles and Dungeons'!   Welcome to the BaD Roleplaying Game and the World of BaD Roleplaying.  Welcome to 'BaD RPG'.


So this is my game, my BaD RPG.  It's all about flashing back in time to the dawn of roleplaying.  A time when if you weren't a warrior, a wizard, elf, dwarf, or thief you were the GM.  It is a kind of gentle poke at some of the grandaddies of the hobby, or more precisely the way some of them were played.

I'm designing it to be cliched, over the top and fun to play.  I think it would be ideal as a beer and pretzels type game, but if anyone is brave enough to play a BaD campaign, then more power to them.

The main mechanic is inspired by the T&T Saving Roll (SR), this does not however mean that I think T&T is a bad game, far from it. I just hope 'BaD RPG' won't be a bad game.  

I mention this so that people don't think I'm using a system that is a Storyteller TN type mechanic, and so I can name check T&T and it's creator Ken St Andre.  Oh by the way while I'm name checking this whole game concept was inspired by Ron Edwards T&T actual play thread.

At the moment the game is on hold while I do some freelance work. I am however working on it whenever I can. So would appreciate any feedback or thoughts (I'd also appreciate artwork, editing and layout all for free, and whilst asking for the imppossible a publisher would be good).

In terms of publishing due to lack of experience and funds I'm thinking PDF for a 1st edition (although unless it looks like a quality product I don't want to put it out).
A friend who is publishing his own game, may consider a PDF or print version of BaD RPG, if his own game goes well, and if my final draft is good.  
Still thats the thing before I even worry about publishing I need to finish the game.

Oh in case your wondering what players do in my game they 'Kill things and take their stuff'.




Roll 3d6 for attributes (the usual old school culprits).

Pick a race; modify attributes with the racial adjustments (+/- attribute)
note down additional racial modifiers.

Pick a class, modify attributes with class adjustments (+/- attribute)
note down additional class modifiers

Roll 3d6 x10 for starting gold then get tooled up and your good to go.

One mechanic does all!

T&T was the first game I played (aged 11) but it wasn't until the other day (aged 33) that reading a thread about actual play (at the Forge) I realised how versatile T&T's Saving Rolls could be.

Here's how it works

You want to do something first figure out how hard it is to do (what level SR), decide what attribute is suitable, subtract said attribute from level then roll higher on two die six.

SR Levels start at 20 and increase by increments of 5 per level, doubles always add and re-roll, and a natural roll of 5 or under is always a failure. So failure or success are always possible (in theory)

L1 SR 20 minus attribute
L2 SR 25 minus attribute
L3 SR 30 minus attribute
L4 SR 35 minus attribute
L5 SR 40 minus attribute

The formula is Level X 5 + 15 - attribute score = the number you need to roll on two d6.

Abstract  example: Lvl 1 SR on IQ for a character with an IQ of 15 is (lvl x 5 +15) 20 - (attribute score) 15 = 5. A character with an IQ of 15 needs to roll 5 or above with 2d6 (however remember 5 or below is always a failure).

Here's and example in play

Grog is a 1st level half-Irk warrior with a Will score of 6. Half-Irks; like all BaD RPG races have a negative adjustment for will, and warriors have a negative class adjustment for will, (all that combat training increases testosterone and makes them hot headed).

Grog has just joined the city guard and is reporting to his commanding officer for the first time. All Half-Irks have to make a roll at will -3 to avoid head-butting strangers.  This is normally a level 1 SR but the DM decrees that under the circumstances grog is more edgy than normal (first day at work and all that).   So make it a level 2 SR.

So Grogs adjusted will score is 3 a Level 2 SR is 25 minus attribute in this case.
25 - 3 = 22 so Grog has to roll higher than 22 on 2d6 to avoid head-butting his new CO. He needs a  load of doubles.
Grog's player curse's the DM and rolls 2d6 and get....

A six and a four (no doubles) for a score of 10 that's a massive 12 short of his target.

Oh dear look's like Grogs military career will be very short (possibly even fatally short).

In T&T SR's are usually only used for stuff like spotting secret doors, avoiding traps and also to hit with Missile weapons. I was thinking about using them for everything.   SR on STR to hit in melee. SR on IQ to cast a spell.  SR on Dex to pick a pocket (or two), and in competition like an arm-wrestle for example both players would subtract their Str from the Lvl of the SR and the best roll wins.

This is a simple game for simple people.  Each side rolls 1d6 highest wins initiative (ties re-roll).
Whichever side wins the initiative picks targets and rolls to hit (SR).  Anyone, who has been hit, can elect to dodge, parry, or block (SR). Once we know who has hit who damage is rolled (weapon + or - Str modifiers). Armour absorbs damage (or takes hits) what's left comes of Con.   Repeat for those that lost initiative (not sure if there should be a penalty on your attack SR if you used a defence).
Continue until one side is wiped out or realises cowardice is the better option and legs it (or tries to). I might work out some sort of fatigue system to stop fights dragging on. SKILLS

There are no skills as such but each class has a number of bonuses on SR related to their area of expertise (for example thieves get bonuses for lock picking and pick-pocketing warrior get bonuses for SR to hit people hard (hitting people hard the classic warrior skill).
Anything else is down to the DM and players. For example can someone with no training pick a lock well it's highly unlikely but if they got lucky...Lvl 7 SR on LK. Can someone with no training perform brain surgery (or the fantasy equivalent cast a spell) no of course they can't
Can someone with no formal training in combat fight in a melee? Yes
of course they can just not as effectively as a trained warrior does.
What players can or can't do is up to the players and the DM.

only Wizards can use magic (the priestly classes use divine intervention).
Each spell has level, affect, duration, range and cost.

Example spell

Name: Universal whizzbang spell of combat nastiness. Level: 1(+) available at 1st level can be cast by higher levels for a higher SR (e.g. lvl 1 SR on IQ to cast at 1st level 10 SR at 10th level)
Affect: Goes whizz then bang then hits the target for 1d6 of damage per level of spell.
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 10' per level
Cost: 5 energy points per level. Well that's more or less it with the possible addition of a pool of fate dice the players can use on any SR.

It's all a bit rough but I think with a little work this mechanic should cover nearly everything

Here is another example of the mechanic in play.
DM (short for Death Master): It'll take a 2nd level saving roll on strength to lift the rock.

Player (unimaginative I know.):Ok 2nd level that's 25, hmm my strength is 15, I need to roll 10 (grabs 2d6)

DM: Don't forget your character is a Barbarian Beserker.

Player: yeah so

DM: (under his breath) we've been playing this campaign for three years, would it be asking too much if a player actually read the rule book.

Player: What I didn't catch that.

DM: I said your character class gets +1d6 on all meathead feats.

Player: Cool (grabs another die and rolls) 3, 6, and 5 thats er.. (counts on his fingers-barbarian character, barbarian player) 14, I only needed 10, I lift the rock easy.

DM: Yup you lift it easy. It explodes. It's an exploding rock. It
takes your head of. Your dead.

Player: wha...

A few core concepts.

DM in BaD RPG the DM is the Death Master. His job is to kill as many characters as possible. (At one stage I was considering having the DM awarded xp's and gain level ups-each new level entitling him to use bigger bader monster and traps not sure about this now though).

SP in BaD RPG player (who play Slayer charcaters (SC's) are awarded SP (slaughter points).

Slayer characters get SP for killing (Slaughtering) monsters. They can boost their SP by 'twitching' and 'Maxing out'

This is how twitching works, every time SC's meet and kill a new specieces, they bring back a head as evidence, and present it to the Adventurer's Acadamey. The SC will then recieve a one time species SP bonus. When they get a complete set of heads, they have 'maxed out' and get another one time SP bonus.

Of course, taking the last head of a Non-Human race, brings in the Uber SP award.

Kobolds have long since been extinct (naturally, they are half the strength of other 1st Level monsters, but equal in SP values).

However legend persists of the last surviving Kolbold.
Any Adventurers that could bring in that beast, would get untold SP's. They can of course expect the competion to be fierce.

And that is the basis for one of the first 'BaD RPG' adventure modules (or should that be Slaughter Scenario).

'The Legend of the Golden Kobold'



Finally here is some flavour. Feedback and criticism on the writing style would be welcome.


what is alignment? Alignment determines how your character will react in certain situations. In role-playing terms it could be said a characters alignment is the way they choose to live their lives or the moral codes they choose to follow.
More generally speaking alignment it something you write at the top of your character sheet and forget about.


Awful Do Good

Also know as a do'ger (Short for do good'er)
You are a shining paragon of light, a beacon of good in a world of evil.
Defender of the weak, smiter of the unjust you are not one to stand by and witness an injustice.
However that doesn't stop you slaughtering the non human races wholesale driving them from their homelands and looting gold from their still warm corpses. You raving hypocrite you.


Able to see both sides of the coin you are drawn neither to good or evil.
Hey bud why not grow a pair and get off the fence!!

Psychotic Weevil

You're evil. Plain and simple you like cruelty for the sake of cruelty. Killing things and looting the bodies comes naturally to you.
Loyalty to the self is your only creed. You trust no one and wouldn't even turn your back on your self.
Well done you'll fit right in.


The races are divided into three main divisions Human, Semi-Human and Non-Human


No race is more numerous or successful than that of the Humans.
Humans are the most adaptive, free thinking, inspired, ingenious, Parasites ever to blight the universe.

Nothing is more dangerous and destructive than a tribe of humans on the move and once they settle nature becomes little more than a resource to strip and an inconvenience to be cleared.

As Dangerous as Humans are to nature they pose an even greater threat to themselves and other races.
Their arrival in Merth is clouded in mystery all that is know is they came from the north and they came to kick ass and kick ass they did brutally attacking all the Non-Human races which had previously inhabited Merth in peace and tranquillity.

Millennia passed and now the humans of Merth have settled into a routine of warring among themselves building their filthy stinking cesspits of cities and asset stripping Merth.

The Slaughter of Non-Humans has now become a mere sideline or career (some would say hobby) for Social misfits who go by the name of adventurers. Paid in slaughter points by the Empire to keep the Monster populations at controllable levels.

These Adventurers forgo the safety and security of normal live for the glory fame and wealth that is associated with the world of Adventure.
This glory seeking of course spread to the Semi-Humans but Humans are still the most numerous of the Adventuring Guild.

Languages: Arrogant and lazy humans rarely learn languages (why bother everyone speaks common right). If they encounter someone who doesn't speak common then they just speak slower and louder believing that will do the trick.

"I SAID HOW MUCH IS THE AXE." Whilst mumbling asides to their human companions. "Blummin furriners, should learn common if they want our money...wha...I WAS JUST SAYING HOW LOVELY YOUR COUNTRY IS."

Human Characters have no attribute modifiers, other than –1d6 Will

They get either Swords and Shields at half price of Exotic weapons at Half-price.

– 1d6 Will Roll not to try and take charge of any situation –1d6 Will roll not to start a fight in any situation


There are a number of non Human races that bear such a resemblance to humans that it proved impossible to slaughter them and loot their homelands. Thus alliances were formed with the Semi-Human races of Dwarves, Elves and Boggins.
The slightly less tolerated Half -Irks are not an actual race in themselves, but rather more of an embarrassing side-effect of adventure gone awry.


Dwarves are a small, stocky and sturdy, clannish race. They make their homes in great mountains halls, carved into the very mountains by their revered ancestors. Their renown for engineering and metal-craft is second only to their renown for meanness. Almost without exception Dwarves sport huge ginger beards (and that includes the lady Dwarves).  When not dressed head to foot in mail (which is most of the time) have been know to have a weakness for wearing tartan miniskirts in private (though it is never wise to bring this fact up in conversation).

Dwarves seem to prefer axes and hammers, primarily because they derive a great deal of satisfaction from franticly bashing larger races over the head, which is not as satisfying with a sword or spear.

They are also said to love gold and it's acquisition more than the other races (although some say this is nasty rumour put about by elves).

One thing that nobody can deny dwarves love and that is ale. When not Adventuring dwarves can be found staggering around human cities, accosting citizens with lewd limericks, or cornering them and boring them on the subject of how great their homeland is. Which has led human philosophers to debate the subject; 'Dwarves if their homeland is so good why don't they just sod of back to where they came from?'

Dwarves hate Irks and will attack them on site (who doesn't though!) they also have issues with Elves.

Languages: Dwarves have their own language, but for unknown reasons prefer to speak common with a dialect, or accent .

"Hoots man ah dinae ken wot ye're on aboot."

Dwarf Character adjustments.
+ 1d6  Str
+ 1d6 Con
-  1d6 Dex
-  1d6 Will

Dwarves can get chainmail, axes, and warhammers at a 50% discount,

They must make Will Saves –1d6 not to attack Irks on sight and Will saves –1d6 not to drink ale on sight.


Tall, graceful, elegant and noble, Elves also known as the fair folk are the paragons of light. They love the woods and forests from which they come, and would gladly lay down their lives to protect their sacred glades.

Of course this is when they are not wading knee deep in Non-Human blood and filling their backpacks with gold.
Being naturally nimble (or as one Dwarf king put it 'light on their Loafers') Elves are very natural athletes and archers of renown.

They have been known to spontaneously burst in song, or recite poetry, which tends to isolate them socially.

Languages: Although they speak common fluently, Elves awkwardly insist on speaking one of their many convoluted 'high' languages. When they do speak common it is with strange inflections.

"Alas wither are the noble summers of yesteryear ah gentle forest winter is encumberent upon thee."

Elf character adjustments.
-  1d6 Str
-  1d6 Con
+ 1d6 Dex
+ 1d6 IQ
+ 1d6 Chr
-  1d6  Will

They can get a good supply of both, bows and arrows and also spears at 50% discount.

-1d6 Will roll not to hug trees. -1d6 Will role not to burst into song, or loud poetry, when battle is imminent.

Contrary to common misconception, Drow are not in fact a separate race, they are in fact normal Elves who band together because they have been rejected from eleven society. They always dress in black and falsely believe themselves to be bad.

Languages: common with strange secret words.

"Hey n00b you better believe I'm uberl33t, you just try messin with me, I'll frickin take you out, STFU loser n00b."

Drow can get Black leather armour, poison and throwing knives at half price.

-1d6 Will roll to run from a fair fight. -1d6 Will roll to attack from behind if given the chance.


Smaller and slightly more portly than Dwarves, these fair faced, cheerful and simple living folk are friendly and gregarious.

Which is all just a front, as anyone who has ever met them can confirm.   They are in fact the biggest bunch of inveterate thieves to ever walk the planet. The smiles and pleasantries, are all just a ploy to put people at ease, before they relieve them of their belongings.

The only exception to this is, whilst adventuring after generations of 'learning the hard way', Boggins have found it's not cost effective to steal from their fellow adventurers.

The Boggins also know as Bogginsses but more commonly know as 'Those thieving little *********!!!!!' live in Shires (the largest being Leicestershire). Which are scattered with Boggin Holes (sometimes referred to as Bogholes) handy places to hide their ill-gotten gains.

The only thing they are more renowned for than stealing is eating. The average Boggin eats 11 square meals a day and snack in between.

Boggins go barefoot, having no need for shoes, due to their tough leathery soles. It is a compliment for one Boggin to say of another 'I reckon he would even steal shoes' .

Languages: Boggins speak Boggit, which is actually a dialect of common, which can sometimes be understood.

"'ere yung 'un where 'e geddin to with that thar pie'.

Boggin Character adjustments.
– 1d6  Str
+ 1d6 Con
+ 1d6 Dex
+ 2d6 Lk
-  1d6 Will

Boggins can get Rogues gear, backpacks and provisions at half price.

–1d6 Will roll not to steal (anything and everything).  –1d6 Will roll not to eat any food they see (irrespective of its location and condition).


Half-Irks though rare in society at large, are common enough in adventuring circles.

Some say that this attraction to adventure is a result of their origins, (their origins being, over amorous human adventurers, and poor unfortunate Irks, caught out on their own).

Nominally accepted in human society, they are however considered an aberration by wild Irks, who will try and kill them on sight.

This is rather unfortunate as Half-Irks are uncontrollably drawn to their pure blood cousins, and will often seek to befriend them.

Like the Irks, Half-Irks are great natural warriors, however the traumatic background of their origins and the outright and partial rejection of their two parent races, makes them intuitive members of the priesthood.

Not particularly renowned for intelligence, there are  few accomplished Half-Irk mages.

Languages: All Half-Irks learn Irk (from humans) as part of their obsession with their ancestry, they also speak a slow guttural form of common spoken in a deep thick accent .

" I will wuv him and hug him and call him George"

Half-Irk character adjustments.
+ 2d6  Str
+ 2d6 Con
- 1d6  Dex
-  2d6 IQ
+ 1d6 Lk
-  1d6 Will
-  2d6 Chr

Half-Irks can buy helmets, and blunt weapons at half price.

–1d6 Will roll to not head-butt strangers –1d6 Will to not try and befriend Irks.


The Non Humans more commonly know as Monsters, are considered by the Humans and Semi-Humans as fair game for slaughter.  These so called Monsters are generally objectified by adventurers, as little more than their value in Slaughter Points (SP). Numerous and Diverse there are many different races of non human, each with their own unique physiology, socio-economic, cultural nuances and histories as diverse and intricate as any human or Semi-Human societies.

Of Course all any adventure ever wants to know about Non-Humans is...



Hey ZenDog,

Bravo... good stuff, and I really cracked up a few times. :)

I got one question from reading the race descriptions:
when u say +1D6 to a stat I assume you mean roll 4D6, but when you say -1D6 do you mean roll 2D6 or roll 3D6-1D6?

I would love to play this, and I think it would perfect for me to run at local conventions. You should type up a pdf and get rid of the spelling and grammar errors. Oh ya and a k3wL character sheet, u can tell my first character will be drow....



Cheers Raga,

I know  I really need to tidy up the grammar and spelling (I really need an editor.)  As for Character sheets that may have to wait (or be basic) as I have no graphic design skills at all.

As for the +/- 1d6 those notes were references more for my own benifit as I haven't decided if class will affect stats further.

If you really would like to play 'BaD RPG' and run it at local cons, perhaps you'd be interested in runing a few playtest games for me.  If that was something you were interested in doing I'd send you a first draft copy as soon as it was ready.

I'll be working on classes next (four main, each with four subdivisions).
Cheers again for the feedback.