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Cat (and WP) News

Started by John Wick, October 27, 2001, 06:26:00 PM

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John Wick

All right, here's the deal.

Wicked Press is currently undergoing a huge change. A change in philosophy, a change in public relations, a change in everything. This has much to do with me moving back to Los Angeles, contacts I've made here, old friends I've run into and everything else that's changed my life in the last two months.

Unfortunately, because of these changes, CAT has been delayed.

It is no longer available for Hallowe'en, but it will be available for Christmas. And, to be honest, it will be a better book because of it.

Look for a new production schedule from Wicked Press at our website in the coming weeks. In fact, just check out the website in the next few weeks. I've got lots of news on the way, including new partners, new business plans and tons of new products.

I realize many of you have been expecting CAT to be released soon. It's still soon. Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm for what's been one of the most enjoyable projects I've ever worked on. I hope it's just as much fun for you to read and play it as it's been for me to write and design.

Take care,

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Carpe Deum,

Ron Edwards

Hi John,

Speaking strictly as a consumer, I am much happier to see you take your time and do the game exactly as you wish, rather than rush to make some publication deadline.

Congrats on surviving the move and otherwise changin' everything. I look forward to hearing about the new Wicked Press.


Gordon C. Landis

Let me second the "do it right, not quick" sentiment.  Not that deadlines aren't important, but ultimately the product is more important.  Then again, I'm one of the crazies that was waiting forever (10 years, wasn't it?) for the new Talislanta.

And another congrats on the move - I couldn't understand why you'd ever leave the Magnificent(ly Expensive) Bay Area, but then I heard Jared mention you were in Petaluma.  Not a bad place to visit, but living there . . . as much I dislike LA, you obviously made the right choice - for you.  Best of luck.

Gordon (under construction)


Any update on the big news at WP?

John Wick

A lot, actually.

I'm preparing Wicked Press going "full-time" by the beginning of next year. We'll have a revised schedule on the website as well as our business plans for the next 3 years.

I can't say much more just yet. Although I can say WP plans on publishing a few other peoples' RPGs in the near future. 6 releases a year is what I'm gunning for, and I'm gonna need all the help I can get.
Carpe Deum,



Although I'm currently in the middle of college, I've got really nothing to do with my spare time. So, if you've got something I can do to help out from my little dorm room, I'd be happy to help.

Tim (Galfraxas)

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pointless point

It'll come out when it comes out.  That has been my philosophy towards RPG release dates for years.  They are nothing I depend on or take seriously.  This especially applies to small press companies.

Small press RPG publishers operate on a tight margin in many ways.  Operating capital is usually tight.  Staff levels are very small.  I hardly need to say this sort of thing here really.

Life intrudes and products are delayed.  That's how things go.  


I just wanted to further support the idea from Gordon in his post above.

I enjoy the WP site (games, stories, articles, etc) and I'm excited to see what you have in store for us.  Keep up the good work John.

John Wick

Thanks for the glad hand, folks.

Because I promised CAT for the holidays and because the finished product won't look anything like what I have, I'll be posting CAT for free on

This will not be the CAT RPG I'll be releasing next year. Although the idea is the same, the entire book is completely different.

A Christmas present from me to you. Free CAT.
Hope you enjoy it.

Take care,
Carpe Deum,

Gordon C. Landis

Free CAT - that's pretty cool.  I'll look forward to it.  But watch out - you'll destroy that evil/greedy/fan-hating Wick image!

Any more details re: "the book will look completly different"?  Do you mean graphically, or in terms of content?  Are you essentially writting a different RPG based on the same idea, or is this "something else"?

Gordon (under construction)

Paul Czege

Hey John,

I'll be posting CAT for free on

This is very cool. I've been wanting to get a look at CAT for a while. My girlfriend had her introduction to RPG's in this past summer, and she's been having a lot of fun. And lately she's made it obvious that she has some interest in running something at some point. It's just a matter of finding a game that falls into her comfort zone. Maybe it'll be CAT.

My Life with Master knows codependence.
And if you're doing anything with your Acts of Evil ashcan license, of course I'm curious and would love to hear about your plans