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8-10 : Objectives, Locations, Complications and Opposition

Started by godfather punk, October 08, 2003, 10:43:47 PM

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godfather punk

Here's some stuff.  I will dig up my 80's movie magazines later and come up with more stuff when I have some more time.  Meanwhile I'm FIRST so I think I have a good chance of making the Credits :smilie:


- Disarm a nuke
- get a convoy to a dangerous destination
- help poor folks against Opposition
- search for a relic
- infiltrate an enemy base
- solve a cold war conflict
- create a diversion
- explore a Location
- organize a resque mission
- search for POWs
- counter a natural disaster (volcano, tsunami, avalanche, earthquake)
- persuade the major there is an animal threat Opposition
- cover a news story
- protect a group of medicins during a civil war

- cave system
- Rockies
- Himalaya
- rain forest
- Siberia
- Polar Ice cap
- Antartica
- volcano
- cliffside
- coal mine
- on the moon
- in orbit (skylab)
- in a sunk submarine
- on a sunken passenger liner
- in a sunken airplane
- in an underwater base
- behind the Iron Curtain
- African republic
- South American banana republic
- Vegas

- bad weather
- betrayal by employer
- out of ammo
- out of fuel
- technical breakdown
- stowaway uses extra resources
- must stay low profile
- have to babysit a teenager
- catch a deadly disease or poison
- become invisible
- become temporaly blind
- you are pregnant (7-8 months)
- during a festival
- forest fire

- Flying ninja nazi zombi gorillas from Mars
- Mad computer program
- the Russians
- the Chinese
- the mafia
- the maffia
- Atlanteans
- Alien invaders
- Alien Hunters
- dinosaurs
- shark, giant octopus, white buffalo, rats, flying piranhas, alien invasion
- the KKK
- loan sharks
- the devil
- punks
- your own town
- a school


Well here are a few ideas I thought of.

- get a cryptic code key for another mission
- recover a stolen computer chip
- recover a stolen top secret weapon
- stop a bomb thats in a public location
- help a foriegn diplomat defect from his government
- rescue the damsel in distress (but of course)

- a secret underground cryogenics lab
- a hanger housing and alien craft
- a partially completed stadium
- an abandoned stadium
- a hight top ski resort
- the ghetto (ala Death Wish 3)
- an all womens school
- a gaming convention
- submerged building in Venice

- random bursts of radiation
- locals having a drunken loud party
- police have been tipped off to you
- the fbi starts investigating nearby
- nobody can know what you are really up to

- a secret nazi army
- Cowboyish gunslingers
- to back up godfather punk RUSSIANS!
- a group of highly trained assassians in disguise
- a lawfirm with their own security team
- a group of gamers who have decided to take over the world

Also as for the print of pdf question.
I personally like print a hell of a lot more than pdf.  But as a person wanting to make money off of this a lot of it depends on wether or not you think it will sell.  Pdf is a safer way to go, and I understand that completely.  Lower amount of risk involved with the potential to make money.  The main risk being pirate copies.  

So my vote is for print.  But thats from a consumer point of view.


godfather punk

- get laid
- get out of an organisation
- extract a willing person from an enemy organisation
- extract an unwilling person from an enemy organisation
- win a major sports event

- Pacific Princess
- Jail
- Hi tech jail
- during the Summer Games
- during the Winter Games
- during the Super Bowl
- during the World Cup
- during the (wossthenameagain of that sailing race around the world)
- trapped in a video game
- miniaturized inside a human body (Or a rabbit for a one-nighter)
- in one room

- It's Groundhog Day!
- there's a deadline
- out of your element (low brow cop must work in scientific environment; street agent must infiltrate aristocracy; internet fanboy must participate in spelling test...)
- time warp moves PCs to another time (PCs can keep 20th century equipment)
- time warp moves PCs to another time (PCs can't keep 20th century equipment)
- red tape
- opposition is a protected minority
- opposition carries a deadly disease
- opposition carries a radiactive element

- Ooh!  South Africans
- the Mossad
- Yakuza
- the Vatican
- aw heck... the French!
- the CIA, NSA, FBI
- Dimensional invaders
- time travelers from the future
- time travelers from the past
- Biker gang
- A.I.
- Rednecks
- giant insects

pdf or print:
I prefer print but I would buy pdf too.  I can live with softcover.
Is 'Print On Demand' risk free or is there still a big start-up cost for this option?
How big do you think the target audience would be for this game (not raw numbers but in terms of D&D > other D20 > Buffy ?> AFMBE > Underworld > TLE > My Life with Master)?



Just got some more locations today.

An airplane graveyard.
The catacombs under Paris.
An abandoned amusement park.
In a national landmark.
An abandoned newpaper printing facility.
Huge lumberyard.
At a biker convention, ala Sturgis.
A mall after hours.
In a building wired for destruction the next day.

Okay thats it for now ... again.