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A play by message board sorcerer game(Uninmaginitive title)

Started by sirogit, October 15, 2003, 04:31:30 AM

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I plan to run a sorcerer game on a message board. The basic setting is a world similar to just before the reveloution russia, with demonic undertones to backdoor dealings. Could Ron or others direct me to some threads about play by message board  games? I was planning on using some of the more radical ideas, such as:

Characters can be enemies of each other
Allows for the introduction of new players in the middle of the game.  
Demons are playable

Does not happen at any specified time of the day, As a result, interaction with people who are not on currently would have to be sporadicly spread over days. This is a major factor and and has bot strong pros and cons for me, a pro being that interaction could be well-thought out given that a good deal of time is allowed for responses, a con would be that if a person wanted to interact with someone who wasn't on, than they could be unable to do other things until that person shows up. One soloution would be:

If characters are not "on" the message board, than they are treated as not being "In" the scene. This would include major NPCS when the GM is not there, minor npcs could be narrated by anyone.

Gameplay does not occur in chronological order. While the player is waiting for the response of a under nightfall subterfuge/assassination/seduction attempt on another player's character, The player could also narrate the character some days before, asking for advice or something.  

Some other possibilities that I was rolling over in my head were:

Angels can be playable
"'Spotlight' Threads", ala Buffy, in which a character is treated with certain 'Main character' perks, such as those outlined in the "One to shine, others to comment" concept in &Sword, and the effect of bonus dice are doubled or tripled.    
There is a seperation between what a demon is and it's physical incarnation. It uses the rules for changing a contacted demon, but if the demon is player-run, the demon player may do the alterations therof.  

Do any of these ideas seem like they would be discouragable?