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realms magic system

Started by realms_creator, October 16, 2003, 08:22:26 AM

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Tell me what you think.

The Magic System

Character Information

   The world of Rock Mornon holds many secrets.  One of the greatest is the Great Tower of Magicks.  All that is magical has a written history in the great brick tower within the walls of the inner castle.  Within, new apprentices study along side great sorcerers in the search and study of spells.
   This is not the only place in the realm to study.  Before the invasion, there were two other towers of such knowledge.  There has been no word since the sealing of the gates on the fate of the other two libraries of wizardry.
   The ancient story told to children is that, in the beginning, man was given the gift of magicks by an ancient society.  These beings lived in a mystical place not known to any but a chosen few.
   The Alphabet of the Arcane was given to man and to the Elvani.  Entrusted with this power, there were to use it to protect and defend themselves against the dark creatures that stalk the world.  The darkness that lived in man and Elvani prevailed, and soon after the alphabet was deciphered.  The powers of man expanded and the Elvani were more adapt at using the magicks.
   The wizard professions were created and so began the battles of the most powerful mages in the known realms of man and Elvani.  The system was stolen, and given to the Dwarvani, and even some of the more intellectual creatures were using the magicks.  Now, it is wild and free to any with the ability to study and understand the letterings and their meanings.

Player Information
   All wizard and mage classes are assigned spell points to determine how many spells a day can be cast.  Every class is different, and advancement of points may differ as well.  Every spell has a spell cost.   Spell users may use as many spells as their spell points will allow.  If spell points are not used, they are lost and cannot be carried over to the next day.  
   Importance of sleep- A spell casting character class must have a certain amount of sleep per day or they will suffer a loss of spell points.  Once a spell-caster starts the sleep process, the spell points on the following table will determine the amount of points they have to use.

1 minute-4 hours of sleep   15 points gained
4 hours – 6 hours of sleep   25 points gained
6 hours – 8 hours of sleep   Total points allowed gained

   If a spell caster has 15 or less spell points normally, subtract half of their spell points if their sleep is disrupted, or if they get less than 6 hours total.


All mages and wizards will use a point system of spell use.  Any wizard may cast any spell from their element as long as he has enough spell power.  Spell power will vary from character to character.

Base Spell Power per Element

Earth   Wind   Water   Fire
30   40   40   50

As the magic user gains levels, their magic points will increase by their Knowledge attribute.

•   Spell range and area affected—spells cast can be increased or strengthened by spending more spell points.  For example, magic user casts Ice Dagger.  Normally, the damage it does is 1d6 per level of caster, and costs 10 spell points.  Spend 20 spell points, and the damage increases to 2d6.

Spell Failure VS. Sidestep


During combat, a spell caster may want to avoid being hit by an attacker in the middle of casting a spell.  All casters are trained to deal with this by using a move called the SIDESTEP.

   The SIDESTEP- the spell caster moves away from the attacker and continues to cast spells at the same time.  Every action the spell caster has equals the number of sidesteps that can be done every rotation.  Using a side-step does not use the player characters action.

For example:  Gretchen the Battle Mage has two actions per rotation.  A fighter with two actions attacks Gretchen.  She may use two sidesteps to avoid being hit, then cast 2 spells, use a spell and draw a weapon, or any other two actions.
If Gretchen is casting a "big" spell that takes two actions, she is still able to use the side-step while casting, but she runs the risk of spellfizzle.

Spell Fizzle

There is a chance for a spell to fail and fizzle when using the side-step while casting.  This means the spell has failed and nothing has happened.  This is due to lost concentration while casting, and that something was mispronounced or a phrase was altered enough to change or ruin the spell.

If a successful roll has been made, the caster sidestepped the attacker and the spell was correctly cast.

Spell Fizzle Chart

Life Level   % chance of failure
1   90%
2   80%
3   70%
4   60%
5   50%
6   40%
7   30%
8   20%
9   10%
10   0%

Andrew Martin

Quote from: realms_creatorTell me what you think.

The background/character information seems to differ significantly from the rules. For example, the background states that magic is about alphabets, lettering and studying meaning; but the rules talk about sleep and sleeping, elements, spell points and so on? Maybe there's something missing?
Andrew Martin


In Realms of Adventuring (ROA) each magic user starts off if X amount of spell points and a limited number of spells. When the Great War between the magic users and the battle knights happen, the wizards placed the spells on thin stone wafers that they called the arcane alphabets and scattered them in all parts of the realms.

After 150 years of magic being banned by the Duke of Morna Dom-Darden called upon the wizards to help him with the uprising of creatures and monster that was attacking his kingdom.  The dukes and kings of the past destroyed the towers of magic and the spell books of the towers.  Dom-Darden had his knight's search for the outlaw wizards that still had knowledge of the magic in the Realms. They came and held a council with the Duke of Morna. They advised him that all of the alphabets have been scattered all over the great Realms. So with the help of knights and other fighters and rogues he sent them to find the tablets and to destroy all creatures that might do harm to his people.

Each magic user has X amount of spells points that they start with. But they must rest to keep the mind fresh and ready for the next encounter. Because with out sleep they lose some of their spell points or all until they get X amount hours of sleep.  

I hope this helps some what.

Ron Edwards


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