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First Person or Third Person writing

Started by ADGBoss, October 15, 2003, 03:50:13 PM

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Ron Edwards


As soon as the "opinion" word gets waved around, it's time to review the discussion's status.

Sean, are you good with the thread's content? Do you think it's time to close it? Everyone, if Sean says "closed," then the thread is no longer available for posting.



I would say We have heard both ends of the Spectrum. As always thanks to everyone. It has helped me personally a great deal and I hope provided a buffet of thought for others.

I think its safe to Close it now.



Since he hasn't said "closed" I'm gonna post my ... opinion*.

Edit: AAAH! Cross post! I'm leavin' it.

Professionalism is, IMO, a virtue--but if you read your writing and it's dry then I agree with Vincent: do whatever you have to in order to put some life back in it.

I have had people tell me that game design notes were very helpful in assisting them to understand the ruleset. So I'd say they're a plus (I put them in special areas with a designation so I recommend that).

I think MJ is half right: discussing what your mechanic does is probably the most "correct" way to talk about it ("The critical hits make combat deadlier")

However, when you get into discussing the virtues of your decisions ("The critical hit table makes combat more exciting")  you are talking about opinion. And you know what?

I think it's still valuable--possibly more valuable than a discussion of the rules effects. Why? Because I can tell that the critical hit system makes combat more deadly. But knowing that you thought it made it "more interesting," "brought out the gritty reality of the world," whatever is useful for me, as a player or GM, trying to see where you're coming from with the rest of the rules.

So I *would* talk about what you wanted ... as long as you have something concise and meaningful to say.

That's my opinon, my experience, and my belief anyway.

* I don't see how the answers to this could be anything but opinion.
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Ron Edwards

Dammit ... well, that's OK Marco, nothing like cross-posting on a thread-closer. The ultimate last word ...

Anyway, this thread is now closed Fer Schure.