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Author Topic: We're Moving!  (Read 85402 times)
Cynthia Celeste Miller

Posts: 268

« on: October 17, 2003, 06:12:51 AM »

We're moving!

Q: What?
A: Spectrum Games now has a new website.  It's small, but feel free to
check it out at http://www.spectrum-games.com.

Q: Where's the Cartoon Action Hour site going to?
A: Nowhere.  It's staying at http://www.zmangames.com/CAH/, because it's
still a partnership with Z-Man Games.  We'll cross-link the site,
though, and we've added some Spectrum links to the CAH site.

Q: Wait, so who's moving?
A: We are!  As part of the new Spectrum site, we have new forums and new
lists!  The forums are at http://www.spectrum-games.com/forum/, and are
exclusive to Spectrum!  We now have five different forums for a variety
of Spectrum products, and we can add more as the need arises.  Also,
we're moving our email lists from Yahoo! Groups to our dedicated Mailman
service at http://spectrum-games.com/mailman/listinfo.  The
spectrumgames list will be divided into the CAH list and a Stuff list
for off-topic conversations, and we'll have more for our other products

Q: When will this happen?
A: Now!  The other places are all ready to go - just click on the links
and sign up!  (If you forget the links, don't worry - they're on the
Community section of the Spectrum site, too.)  The email list and forum
will be deactivated at some point in the future (probably a week or so),
but if you need any help getting on one or the other, just drop Eddy a
line at eddy@spectrum-games.com.

Q: Is that all?
A: No way!  We also have a LiveJournal community for longer and more
esoteric news - it's at
http://www.livejournal.com/community/spectrumgames, or you can look at
it directly from the Spectrum site at
http://www.spectrum-games.com/journal.html.  Feel free to sign up for
the community and post!

Q: Will Kargorr still be around?
A: Unfortunately.  He has an air-tight contract.

We hope you like the new features!

Cynthia Celeste Miller
President, Spectrum Games
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