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My Life with Imperator

Started by Ben Lehman, October 20, 2003, 04:01:38 PM

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Ben Lehman

Has anyone considered the possibility of using the My Life With Master mechanics for the Nobilis setting?  This idea came to me in the shower this morning, and I think it could be great -- Anchors instead of connections, of course, and if you have too much love in the endgame, you get sentenced to death by the Locust Court.


Jonathan Walton

Ben, you are a sick, sick man.  And a genius.  This would kick ass on toast.  You could even use the standard Imperator creation rules along with Master creation (since both are done as groups).  It's too bad there are probably only 6-8 people in the world who know about both Nobilis and MLwM.  Then again, maybe this is an excuse to pimp Paul's game on the Nobilis list.  I'll look for openings... :)

Michael S. Miller

Cool idea, I must confess. I had a heck of a time running Nobilis, so this might be a way to break through all that if I pick up the game again.

But I must admit, after reading the thread title I expected a MLwM in Imperial Rome thing. Could be cool. The Master as Emperor. The Minions as his personal slaves. Outsiders as Senators. Townspeople as Plebeians and Freedmen. Gives "Ave, Imperator!" a more chilling ring, doesn't it?
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