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[HotNW] Column 10-23

Started by godfather punk, October 23, 2003, 09:35:13 AM

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godfather punk

QuoteI think that I'm going to have to back-burner HNW for the time being...
Somebody e-mail me when this project gets back on track?



I'll keep watching his blog and such, whenever he gets it going again I will drop you a message via the Forge.  Kinda sucks it got put on the back burner, it was a game I was kinda looking forward to.  But given his reasons I can understand completely.  He's in the bussiness to make money not to be a charity to a few folks.


Yo fellas.

I never post.  I never query.  I just listen and do.

But I wanted to say a couple of things.  First I like what you do, Mr. Skarka.  I've enjoyed your games and ideas for more than a few years.  HKAT! was my most played game for over a year. Underworld was a awesome column and I doggedly searched until I found a copy of the rpg.

Second, I do hope you don't give up on this new venture.  I have the worst time trying to come up with my own ideas (ones I like anyway).  You have a knack for finding a idea that strikes chords within gamers.  My hat off to you.

I hope that when the occassion strikes you, post an additional idea or two for us to mull over.  But I hope you don't give up on it.  True you said 'back-burner.'  But I remember in the 80s my mom and dad said "We'll see" a lot.  That always meant "Not a chance doofus."

Hope to see your name attached to game in the near future.

Eric (The Red Soup)[/quote]

godfather punk

Ok.  I'll admit I was disapointed when I read the HotNW game was put on the backburner.  

But I can only agree with RedSoup.  Please GMS, keep us informed about your current and future projects.

Good luck,