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Closing down my forum

Started by Michael Hopcroft, October 27, 2003, 08:52:32 AM

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Michael Hopcroft

After some private discyussion with the administrators of the Forge, Seraphim guard has agreed to close dwon its forum here.

Given the amount of freelance talent my company now uses and the rboadening scopr of its activites, it seemed no longer appropriate for Seraphim guard to mainatin a forum on the Forge. This was a mutual decision and is completely voluntary on my part.

Seraphim Guard has launched its own, more detailed bulletin board at this location. Play-by-post games and discussions of all our product lines will be run on this board. Seraphim guard has also launched several mailing losts in recent weeks, including lists for developers 9and potential developers) and artists. the developer's list can be joined through this website and the artist's list through this website. In addition the Mailing List Central page at Seraphim Guard's Website will eventually have subscribe links to all our mailing lists.

I intend to continue to be an active partipant in Forge discussions related to punlishing andthe RPG oindustry.

I would like to take this opportuntiy to thank Ron and clinton for providing such an exceptionally useful forum for publishers and creators, and to thank you all for your past and future support of Seraphim Guard.
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Clinton R. Nixon


You're more than welcome for our support: we appreciate your support of the Forge and independent publishing tremendously. One only has to look around the forums a bit to see Michael assisting numerous people with their projects.

Both Michael and Cynthia Celeste Miller have stepped up recently as their companies changed, both informing us that their new models didn't really fit the independent label. This was very nice on their part, and I appreciate it.

The Forge is, and always will be, pro-independent publishing, but we're not, and never will be, anti-publishing in other forms. Best of luck, peeps, and thank you for everything you've done so far!

Thanks again,
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games