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Started by Jared A. Sorensen, May 08, 2001, 08:28:00 PM

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John Wick

On 2001-05-31 18:38, Mytholder wrote:
Hey John, how's Cat going? I'm interested in the game that nearly killed me at Leprecon...

We played it this weekend. Jared was involved (he can tell you if he dug it or not). Killed about 2/3 of the mechanics I designed for it, added a few that were a lot easier.

It's not a kid's game, but it is a game you can play with your kids.

And exactly what _was_ the game that almost killed you at Leprecon?
Carpe Deum,


* Last three games you played?
 - Children of Fire
 - D&D 3E
 - Providence

* Favorite three games you've actually played?
 - D&D 3E
 - Story Engine
 - Sorcerer

* Three games you've always wanted to play but haven't?
 - Tribe 8
 - Feng Shui
 - Castle Falkenstein


Gordon C. Landis

* Last three games you played?
- D&D 3E
- Mekton
- Talislanta

* Favorite three games you've actually played?
- Talislanta
- OD&D homebrew with many elements from Greg Costikiyan's "Swords and Sorcery" SPI boardgame (don't know that I could enjoy it nowadays, though)
- Bar Room Brawl (continuing the 'oddities' trend in my favorites, this was a little thing in White Dwarf designed to be played with D&D.  You got a character, a motivation, and the props of the bar . . we must've played 5-6 times, burning down the bar all but once, and having an absolute blast every time.  Probably could still enjoy this one - love to see it adapted to DD3E)

* Three games you've always wanted to play but haven't?
- Tribe 8
- Orkworld
- Earthdawn (under construction)

Matt Gwinn

I'm new to the forum so I will save any opinions I might have until I get the gist of things.  For now I will leave you with this:

Last three games played/GM'ed:
Nightwatch, Aberrant, D&D 3rd edition

Favorite three games played/GM'ed:
Mage, Call of Cthuluh, Deadlands

Three games I've heard of and wished I could play:
Wyrd, Evil Rules, Theatrix


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Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game
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Last Three Games Played:
Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands

Three Favorite Games Played:
Call of Cthulhu, Vampire, Warhammer FRP

Three Games I Want to Play But Haven't:'
Tekumel, Tribe 8, Fading Suns

Bias: Narrativist with dark, Simulationist urges.

Michael Gentry



Last Three Games Played:
Over the Edge, Feng Shui, D&D 3E

Three Favorite Games Played:
Over the Edge, Feng Shui, Star Wars D20

Three Games I Want to Play:
Call of Cthulhu, Hubris's StoryBones, Talislanta

Serving imagination since '99
Eldritch Ass Kicking:


I break down...

Three last games I played:
Sorcerer, Orkworld, Obsidian

Three Favorite Games I've Played:
Oh, to rank them...  it changes, no dice, but Kult definitely makes the list.

Three Games I want to play but haven't:
Unknown Armies, InSpectres, Children of the Sun


(It is surprisingly hard to keep it to three in each category)

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Ian Freeman

*Last Three played
Feng Shui, Heavy Gear, Over The Edge

*Favourite Three
OTE, Feng Shui, Amber

*Want to play
Blue Planet, Unknown Armies, Tribe 8(own it, but no one want to play...)
Ian Freeman
"Dr. Joyce looks profoundly unconvinced (I don't blame him really, this is all a pack of lies)"  -- Iain Banks, The Bridge


Last three games played/GM'ed:
Amber, Gurps, D&D 2nd Ed

Favorite three games played/GM'ed:
Rifts, D&D 3E, the Window

Three games I've heard of and wished I could play:
Wyrd, Alyria, Little Fears

Daniel Worthington

Jamie Thomas Durbin

Lemme see...

Last Three Games Played?
Mage, D&D3E, Gaslight Heroes

Favourite Three Played RPGs?
D20, Werewolf, Octane (the playtest was *hilarious*!)

RPGs Not Yet Played, But Want To?
Oooh, difficult!!! um...

CyberGeneration (the setting just *kicked* *a$$*!!!)
Eight (although I personally think, Jared, it still needs some ironing out... :sad: )
"Bored Senseless In Bradford"
-Jamie Thomas Durbin