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A generic system for playing everywhere

Started by Andrea Gualano, November 03, 2003, 07:36:26 PM

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Quote from: John Kim
Something that was pounded home from my Vampire LARP experience is that RPS really isn't random.  It is a game of psych-out and to some degree perception and hand movement.  That is, with any two players, one may be able to consistently beat the other in RPS.  Personally, I found this very annoying.  

@ Wow, that would never have occured to me.  i take it as a measure of intergrity to not cheat.  i think LARP would encourage this kind of dishonesty because the players are all against each (at least in the LARPs i've seen, which i did not like).  In a standard  "X players and a GM" the urge to cheat might no be such an issue.  Aside from the one slug who bothers to try to cheat.

@ i also have a coin mechanic, but at the moment i don't trust tripod to let ppl access it.  Coins are efficient in terms of availiblity and portability, as randomizers they have some issues.  While working on Xc (my coin mx) i found out that coins are heavily weighted to the average.  6 coins will hit 3 heads most of the time, almost all the time.  Whereas a die has an even spread.

@ Cards would be cool.
If you live in the NoVA/DC area and would like help developing your games, or to help others do so, send me a PM.  i'm running a monthly gathering that needs developers and testers.