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where can we go to gloat?

Started by Green, November 11, 2003, 10:19:24 PM

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Since I finished Kathanaksaya and created a website for it, a player for an independent group (one I don't run) emailed me and told me he was adapting Kathanaksaya for a superhero game.  The website for the game is here.  It's fantastic, and completely in line with what I wanted players to do with the game.

I had wanted to tell the Forge about this recent success, but there seemed no place to put it.  Is there a way for those of us who have published the games we developed here on the Forge to gloat and show people the results of our efforts?

Trevis Martin

Hm....sounds like your game was Acually Played to me....

In other words, actual play.



Ron Edwards