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Hello I'm new to this site...

Started by, November 12, 2003, 12:45:24 PM

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It looks pretty cool I love role-playing games

A bit about myself I'm from England and I run a msg board at

So whats up??

Ron Edwards


Welcome to the Forge. The first thing you and I probably need to discuss is that it's not a typical message-board or chat-type place. We're pretty committed to discussing very specific things. That means that your question, "What's up," is going to remain unanswered. No one will just socialize with you.

I suggest reading the Sticky thread at the top of the list in the Site Discussion forum (this one), first of all. I also suggest that you read for a while, without posting. Just go into a forum or two, click on a thread or two, and read. See how people talk to one another, see how we do stuff.

If you're interested, check out some of the articles and the reviews, and see what sort of games you can find in the Resource Library.

After all that, decide very carefully what you'd like to post about, figure out what forum you will put it in, and post. Taking a lot of time over this is highly recommended.