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Author Topic: [Freak High] Undead Vermin and Mind Control  (Read 3435 times)

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« on: November 17, 2003, 09:44:04 PM »

So since the planned Indie Netgaming stuff fell through tonight we decided to play Freak High.  It was anonymouse's suggestion, but he bailed on us (i'm hoping technical stuff, and not loating of my GM skills.)  

Here are the two characters:

Gustave Landreux
Like this:  rebel/basketcase P: Alter a persons mental preception of one current thing/event.  "Most likely to be a crime boss."
Well, Gustave is your average back-street trouble maker.  He's of cajun decent, but doesn't show it, having it rubbed down by his life away from
home.  His family is nothing special.  One drunk dad, making nothing out of a busted down trailer.  He discovered his suttle abilities, when he was
chased down, and cornered by a police officer.  He goes to school
regularly, but turns around and skips class when he feels like it, roaming
the h       He's unpredictable, and plays it to his every advantage.

Jalana Giger
superlative: most likely to become a dice rolling addict
superpower: Can summon legions of undead small undead critters to do her bidding. tied to: Basketcase and nerd.
background: Jalana's the girl in the bakc of your class whos constantly
doodling instead of taking notes, not becuase she doesn't care, but becuase she read the chapter last ngith and is now bored. she's a little shyer than most, thought she is attractive in that glasses and geeky sort of way. she also a rabid computer and gaming fiend. shes a relative of the (im)famous artist, H.R.Giger. Not an outcast persee, she's a litt

Then i got each player to give me three NPCs, a teacher and two students each, with a quick description.

Ted (janitor) - Ted & Gustave have a long standing relationship (do with that what you will).  He actually transfered from the Middle school, just to keep tabs on the boy.
Kraig Moore (Jock) - Doesn't like Gustave, and doesn't seem to have enough brain matter to be affected by his mind tricks.
Matt Danburg (Goth Geek) - idolizes Gustave, and his style.  Follows him
around whenever possible.
mr constanze -  computer teacher cum gm of school gaming group, one of the few people jalana can talk to freely
Jackel Giger (rebel preppie) - Jalana's older brother, protective of her
after seeing her get hurt somany times
Maria ria (basketcase cheerleader)- Jalana's artistic and academic rivla,
she made it her lifes mission to trip jalana up at every turn

Anyway, here's the Narration stuff...  Some minimal editing to cover my stupidity, everyone else is exposed in their errors (cause i'm lazy.)

Start of #indie_nar buffer: Mon Nov 17 23:34:41 2003
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*** End of /NAMES list.
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*** Signoff: anonymouse (Quit: )
<LordSmerf> Ok, Gustave and Jalana are both in Mr. Kuzlowski's History


* Dana_mun is doodling and epic battle between charlemagin...and GODZILLA!
*** machmoth is now known as Gustave
<LordSmerf> Maria and Matt are also in this class, Mr. Kuzlowski is droning

on and on... according to the clock on the wall there are five minutes left

before the bell

*** Dana_mun is now known as Jalana
*** LordSmerf is now known as The_Principal
* Gustave twirls a pencil nimbly between his fingers
<Jalana> *scrich scrich rub rub scrich*
<The_Principal> matt spins a pencil between his fingers... he loses control

and it skitters accross his desk and onto the floor under Jalana's desk

* Gustave sighs
<The_Principal> matt looks over at Jalana with an embarrassed and pleading

look in his eye

* Jalana 'accedently" drops hers and flicks mats back to him whilst she is

picking hers up*
<The_Principal> Matt smiles shyly as he picks up his pencil

* Jalana is fully absorbed in the artwork*
<The_Principal> The bell rings as Mr. Kuzlowski drones on...

* Gustave takes lead, and walks for the door.  Not interested in the rest

of the lecture.
<The_Principal> Matt scrambles to get his stuff together and follow

* Jalana looks up, and then gently shuts her sketch book, tucks it away and

<The_Principal> Maria "accidentally" bumps Jalana on her way to the door

* Jalana belines ot the computer room.. or she was. she stumbles but swfity

sends a leg out to recipriclally trip her, lookin all cool like.
<The_Principal> Maria falls to the floor and a scittering is heard as a

mouse, broken in a trap, pulls itself accross the floor.

<The_Principal> Maria looks over and her eyes widen as she begins to


* Jalana jogs quickly off to the computer room without being seen, smirking

a little8
* Gustave grins, and tries to use the commotion to get a lead on Matt.
* Jalana gracefully slides into her seat and immedietly goes online.
<The_Principal> Matt wants to be heroic and so he moves accross the room

and kicks the crawling mouse accross the floor.

<The_Principal> Gustave makes a clean getaway.

<Gustave> Not interested in the usual mealtime rush, Gustave decides to

duck into the computer room as a good "random" hiding spot.
<Jalana> .me looks up at him for a moment, like a hark defending its

<The_Principal> As usual Mr. Constanze is sitting at his desk in the

computer lab instead of eating lunch

<Gustave> Is this a private party, or can anyone join?
<The_Principal> Currently the only people in the lab are Mr. Constanze,

Jalana, and Gustave

<Jalana> "just don't mess with our lan game of unreal...."
* Gustave glances at the empty chairs, and assumes that lan game has taken

on a new meaning these days.
<Gustave> What ever.
<The_Principal> there's the sound of a scuffle in the hall.  Sounds like

someone has been thrown into a locker.

<Jalana> "jackie?" she peers up in concen
<Gustave> (under breath):  Huh.  Matt, you idiot.
* Gustave steps into the doorway, not really interested in a front row

<The_Principal> Kraig Moore is sitting on the floor underneath a locker

bleeding from a cut just above his eye, other than that the hall seems to

be deserted.

* Jalana blinks and looks out as well, lookign for her brother.
<Gustave> Heh, well here's an interesting situation.
<The_Principal> Kraig blinks and looks up, "dang you, you punk, hit me from

behind will you?"

<Gustave> You alright there Kraig?
<Jalana> " meh, stupid jock.." she scoot sback inside and goes back to

completely pwning mr constanz'es ass*
<Gustave> Heh, I wish.  Someone beat me to it.
<The_Principal> "Don't play with me, dang it!  You're the only one here you


<The_Principal> Kraig scrambles to his feet and comes at Gustave

* Gustave steps back ready to slam the door in his face.
<The_Principal> Kraig scrambles up, puts his head down and charges

* Gustave calmly steps back and closes the door.  A loud thud echoes

throughout the computer room.  Gustave stands pleased with his work, then

walks to the window.  Suddenly, Mr. Constanze walks over to Jalana.
<Gustave> "I say what you did in the hall out there, missy.
<Gustave> "
* Jalana looks up and mr c."whats wrong......WHAT?"
<Jalana> 'I;ve been sitting ehre the whole time. i just fragged you!
<Jalana> "
<Gustave> "We don't tolerate that kind of behavior in this school."
<Gustave> "On the computer is one thing, but this is real life."
<Jalana> " but sir, i didnlt do anything!!! i;v ebeen sitting here the

entire time!"
* Jalana calms down and gives him a calm, cool look " i assure you i donl;t

have the gaul to pull that off"
* Gustave stands puzzled.  He didn't see who hit Kraig, but it certainly

wasn't her.
<The_Principal> Mr. Constanze walks over to the door and pulls it open

revealing Kraig's bloody face.  "Then what's this?"

<Gustave> Heh *covers mouth*
<Jalana> " some jock who got beat up"
<The_Principal> "So you think this is ok?  I never thought you would do

this kind of thing

<The_Principal> !"

<Jalana> " but sir.. i didnlt touch him! ive been sitting here the whole

<Gustave> (Under Breath):  Well, as much as I like bustin' up Kraig, and

ditching the blame, I should probably find out who started this mess.
<Gustave> Uh, Mr. Whatever-your-name-is.  Are you absolutely sure?
<The_Principal> Constanze looks over, blinking in surprise, "You were

standing right there, you saw it too!"

<Gustave> Yeah, uh, um...
<Jalana> :tell him i was just sitting here
<The_Principal> Constanze looks out the window trying to figure out what

has alarmed Gustav so much.  Not seeing anything he walks over to the

window to take a close look.

* Gustave turns, and runs out the door, making sure to step on Kraig on the

way out.
* Jalana leaps over gracefully with her bag on her shoulder following him.
<The_Principal> Kraig screams as his wrist is firmly stepped on.

* Jalana seems very flustered. she doesn;t wnat trouble, she just wnats to

be left alone, and sh doens;t wwant mr constanze to hate her.
* Gustave Gustave ducks around a corner.  Needing cover, he chooses the

janitor's closet to hide out for a few minutes.
<The_Principal> Gustave notices that the door is already ajar, but no light

is on inside.

<Gustave> As Jalana passes, he grabs her arm, and pulls her in.
* Jalana followsn terrified.
<The_Principal> The room is about six feet by 15 feet.

<Gustave> Whew, safe.  Where's that light?
* Jalana sighs, slumping down aganst a wall
<The_Principal> As she sits down she bumps a mop leaning against the wall

which clatters against the concrete floor

<Gustave> Yeah, don't thank me.  All in a days work.  
<Gustave> SHHHH
<The_Principal> Gustave finds the light switch with his hand.

<Gustave> *click*
* Jalana jumps at the noise, cowering
<The_Principal> The lights come on and reveals that the room is very

organized except for one thing.  In the back corner Ted sits curled up and

rocks back and forth.

<Gustave> Will you chill out.
<The_Principal> Something is definately wrong with Ted.

<Jalana> " how can i? this is terrible!! mr constanze was the only guy i

<Gustave> Hey, Ted.  Waz up?  Aren't you suppose to be working, or

<The_Principal> Ted seems totally oblivious to what's going on.

<Gustave> HEY!
* Gustave slaps him a couple times.
<Gustave> Wake up
<The_Principal> On the third slap Ted's head jerks up revealing wide,

unblinking eyes.

<The_Principal> He remains totally silent

<Jalana> "lovley now hes sick? why is everything going wrong?"
* Gustave backs up slowly.  
<Gustave> Ted?
<The_Principal> Ted remains motionless except that his eyes track Gustave's


<Gustave> Hey, girly.  Get up.
<Gustave> This doesn't look good.
* Jalana stands slowly".. he looks like one of hr paintings
* Gustave gives Jalana a confused glance.
<Gustave> Yeah, whatever.
<The_Principal> Ted gives a quiet moan.

<The_Principal> He blinks a couple of times...

<Gustave> Okay, this isn't like the Ted I know.  Open the door, very

* Jalana does so*
<The_Principal> "What's going on?"

<Jalana> me looks up.
<The_Principal> Hey, Gustave, how's it going?

<Gustave> Ted?
* Gustave turns around
<The_Principal> The door is partially open behind Jalana.  "What's going on

Gustave?  I thought i was in the hall..."

<Jalana> this is the closet, not the hall
<Gustave> You kind of spaced out on me there.
<The_Principal> "What happened?"

<Gustave> Are you taking an meds?
* Jalana just watches.
<The_Principal> "What?!?" he looks a little wary, "of course not!"

<Gustave> You were rocking in the corner there, and then just stared at me.

<The_Principal> I don't remember anything before lunch started...

* Gustave shuts up right there, realizing that his power might have

triggered the change in behavior.
<Gustave> Oh, don't worry about it.
<Jalana> this is very strange
<Gustave> So, there's a bit of a mess out in the hallway.  Kraig hit his

<The_Principal> Ted seems totally unconvinced, *something* happened.  He

looks at Gustave curiously, then notices Jalana...

<Gustave> Well, you don't remember anything, do you?
<The_Principal> At the mention of Kraig's name something seems to click...

<Gustave> You were probably dreaming.  Yeah dreaming.
<The_Principal> Kraig, some lockers... it's kind of blurry.

<Jalana> you pushe dhim into lockers
<Gustave> Nah, that was you, remember.  *Gustave grins*
<The_Principal> Ted shakes his head, as if trying to clear it...  "I pushed

Kraig into a locker?  Are you sure?"

* Gustave just shuts his mouth.  Ted would never hurt a student.  He

believed Jalana was  more likely, and was with her at the time.
<Jalana> i wasn;t me*she glares at him and contemplates sicking undead

roaches on him
<The_Principal> Ted looks up with a pleading look in his eyes, waiting for

an answer.

<Gustave> Look.  It wasn't any big deal.  Kraig tripped.  Now if you go

clean him up, I'm sure everyone's forgotten the whole mess.
<Jalana> look.. just.. alotta weird stuff is going on.. watch yourself till

we figure out what
<The_Principal> Ted, seeming quite disoriented, nods dazedly and stands up.

* Gustave turned to Jalana.  "Ted wouldn't hurt anyone"  (unless I told him

<Jalana> i wouldn;lt etiehr....
<Jalana> i was in the comuterlab the whole time
<The_Principal> Ted squeezes by Jalana at the door and heads down the

hall... " 'scuse me."

* Gustave had never affected Ted before.  They had been together for years.

 Why now?
<Jalana> how do we know YOU didn;t do it. you slammed the door in hisface
* Gustave laughs.  "Why don't we go find the guilty person.  Or do you want

to hang out in a smelly janitor closet all lunch period?"
<Jalana> point taken. lets go
* Gustave peers out the door for any who would be looking for them, or more

specifically, Jalana.
<The_Principal> There seems to be a commotion down the hall in the

direction of the computer lab.

<Gustave> Well, instinct tells me we should avoid crowded places.  ...So,

lets go see what's going on down there.  *Gustave smiles, quite enjoying

the confused look on Jalana's face.*
* Jalana looks quite cute when shes utterly confused.
* Jalana follows again.
<Jalana> what happeend?
<The_Principal> As they approach the the lab Gustave and Jalana see a crowd

of students and faculty gathered around someone lying on the ground,

presumably Kraig.

<Jalana> what hapepened?
* Gustave can't help but let out a low laugh at the wonderful run of bad

luck Kraig has been having today.
<Jalana> he slam himself into a door?
<Gustave> To Jalana:  Keep a low profile.
<The_Principal> Mr. Constanze turns at the sound of Gustave's snicker,  

Jackel turns at the sound of Jalana's voice.

* Gustave gives a forced grin.  "Sooo..."
* Jalana looks at her borther, she looks a mes.
<Gustave> Pleasant weather we've been having...
<The_Principal> Constanze makes a grab for Gustave, "You... punk!"

<Gustave> Have you found that mysterious attacker yet *secretly hoping that

his powers kick in*
* Jalana backs tot he side, neck to her brother*
<The_Principal> Then he turns to Jalana, "And you!"

* Jalana cooly moves behind her brother*
*** TQuid (~cipher@h24-84-198-20.vc.shawcable.net) has joined channel

<Gustave> Mr. Constanze seems to suddenly draw a blank.  He stares deeply

into Gustave's eyes.  "I saw her do it."  (drats)  He points to Maria.  

"Don't try to deny it.  You saw it too."
* Gustave looks in shock.  "Uh, sure."
* Jalana blinks in surprise. whew!!!
<The_Principal> Everyone looks at Constanze in surprise.  Maria speaks

first "But you just said..."

* Jalana mvoe sout form behind her borther watching and standing next to

<The_Principal> Constanze blinks in confusion.  He seems to consider, "I

don't feel so well, i think i'm going to go sit down..."

<Jalana> " he said you did it *shrug* i was just in the lab, its a simple

name switch
<The_Principal> Maria's gaze snaps to Jalana, "Who are you to accuse me?"

<Jalana> .me shurgs "i know mr constanze like the back of my hand -  he

does it alot.
<Jalana> "
* Gustave opens his eyes in amazement.  He'd never pulled off his power on

command.  What makes Mr. Constanze such an easy target?
<The_Principal> Maria snaps at Jalana "Don't you dare accuse me you little

geek!  You're just--

<The_Principal> She's interrupted by a screaming sound coming down the hall

towards the computer lab.

<The_Principal> It seems to be coming from the cafeteria.

<Gustave> Great, what'd I do know?
<Gustave> *now
* Jalana steels herslef aganst marias assult, knwoing that jackel will go

after her if she pushes it.
<The_Principal> A small stampede of students and faculty is running down

the hall, most of them seem pretty hysterical.

* Jalana looks at jackel :mystery meat again?
<Gustave> Shut up, she couldn't have done it.  She was still back at class

from when you tripped her.  Remember?
<The_Principal> Jackel smiles, "That's why i don't eat cafeteria food"

* Gustave is obviously loosing his cool.  Never has his powers gone off so

many times in one day.
* Jalana sneers somehat to gus "look, if it gets her introuble, i;m all for

it. shes a bitch"
*** Signoff: TQuid (Quit: Leaving)
<The_Principal> The leading edge of the crowd begins to stream past the


<Gustave> Well, are you gonna go running and screaming too?
<Jalana> no... come., i wanna see what happeend
<Gustave> *sigh*
* Gustave follows
* Jalana heads down to the caf.*(
<The_Principal> Now that most of the crowd is past, it can be seen that a

small army of cockroaches in various stages of deompisition are crawling

down the hall.

<Jalana> hehehehe*she smirks, enjoying it*
<Gustave> "'K, this ain't my fault," Gustave thinks to himself.
<Gustave> No, I'm not.  Anyone ever told you your a freak?
<Gustave> Let's get out of here before they eat us.
<The_Principal> As Jalana and Gustave move down the hall Matt approaches

them...  He seems agitated...

<The_Principal> He also seems oblibious to the cockroaches.

<Gustave> *sigh*  What do you want now Matt?
<Gustave> We are a bit busy at the moment.
* Jalana send shte roaches away with a small handwave.
<The_Principal> "The-there's som-somethin-something weird going on..."

<The_Principal> He seems pretty shaken up...

<Gustave> Yeah, I gathered.  You came all this way to tell me that.
<Jalana> master of the obvious, aren't you
<The_Principal> As the cockroaches scatter Matt winces and grabs his head.  

"No, this is different.  I, I, I don't know how to explain this..."

* Gustave backs up a few steps, worried that he has affected his "friend"

<Gustave> Calm down, think empty thoughts, and tell me what's going on.
<The_Principal> He blinks and seems to gather himself.  "I was, you know,

just trying to look cool for Maria after class, and it went ok, but

something weird happened.  On my way out i saw Ted, and something seemed


<The_Principal> "He looked at me and then moved off down the hall with a


<Jalana> oi..
<Gustave> Cleaning, perhaps.  He works here, you know.
<The_Principal> "I followed him and saw him go up behind Kraig and smash

him into a locker man!  That's not cleaning!  I mean, i hate that jerk, and

i've wanted to hit him a couple of times, but Ted?"

* Gustave trembled.  He didn't have anywhere to shove the blame now.  

Either he was toying with Matt's head now, or the more likely answer:  We

made Ted attack Kraig.
<Gustave> *He
<Jalana> .....what did i tell you
<The_Principal> Matt hold his head, "Dang, this headache is really killing


<Gustave> Well, what do you want to do about it.  You would be just as

happy leaving Maria to blame.
<Jalana> you;d rather screw your buddy over?
<Gustave> Huh.  Okay, Matt.  Where is Ted now?
<The_Principal> "Well, i think i passed out for a couple of minutes after

he took off down the hall."

<Gustave> Right, I've got to... I'm mean we've got to straighten this mess

<The_Principal> Matt looks relieved to have someone else take the

responsibility to get something done.

* Gustave bolts down the hall, eyes starting to tear.
<Gustave> "Why Ted?  He's done nothing but look after me.  Why did I have

to do this to him?"
<The_Principal> Matt follows like a loyal puppy.  He seems not to hear

Gustave's muttering.

* Jalana looks after him concerned.
<The_Principal> The bell rings, lunch is over.  If Gustave doesn't show up

for class, no one will miss him.

* Jalana scoots off.
End of #indie_nar buffer: Mon Nov 17 23:34:41 2003

So yeah...  I'm not sure if we played in the spirit of the rules, but i had fun...


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