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Feedback from TROS session - first one for some new players

Started by kanseg, November 30, 2003, 03:01:52 AM

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I took a couple of new players through their first TROS session today.  Basically I gave a copy of the TROS core book to one as a birthday gift and asked him and his brother to visit today with some prepared characters.  

I then basically took them through a duel to give them a feel of the system.  They absolutely loved it and are hooked.  They plan to play a TROS session with me every few weeks so it looks like I have a committed gaming group sorted out.  

One of them used to be involved in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay so I'm starting with characters based in Wyerth, who will be involved in scenarios also set in other worlds based on a multiverse idea.  My meta-plot idea is to have the Chaos Powers as described in the Warhammer world start an incursion into Wyerth (perhaps linked to the Emperor of Gelure?).  

What do you think?




Check out The Enemy Within modules published for Warhammer Fantasy RP.  They are some of the best pre-genned adventures out there.  They're hard to come by but they are seriously meaty - good adventures, tons of handouts, etc.