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Why do I keep having to Log In nowadays?

Started by Russell Hoyle, December 07, 2003, 09:31:13 AM

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Russell Hoyle

Has some setting changed?

I didnt have to log in before (and I even checked the bit that says log me in automatically) - but now I do, every time!!


Jack Spencer Jr

Have you changed your security settings recently. I had a similar problem until I lowered the security setting.

Rob MacDougall

This happens to me from time to time (usually if I leave a Forge window open for a long time, then click on it again). Close your browser. Delete all Forge cookies on your computer (ie all cookies with "indie-rpgs" in the name. Then log in to the Forge just once more and you'll be good to go.

Russell Hoyle

Jack, thanks but no I had not changed a thing!

Rob, you sweetheart! You solved the problem - all fixed up real good.

Thanks both of ye.