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NPC idea Duran Fehin, (minor spoiler for my players)

Started by ZazielsRephaim, December 07, 2003, 10:24:01 AM

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Ok, not a major spoiler, they have almost all of it figured out.  But there are a few details they might have missed.

Duran Fehin, a gifted Fey, and a 6'3" tall blond with crystal blue eyes.  Her age is currently unkown for she stopped counting a 100 years ago.  She looks to be in her mid 20's however.  With the Major Gift of "Beauty of Legends" she always stands out in a crowd and men flock to her.  Her Major Flaw(gifted) of "Haunted" causes her to be continually distracted by voices at all times.  Until there are times she gives in and lets the voices take over.  Centuries ago, she took a Fey man to be her mate, and to the surprise of many, she actually concieved.  But in a tale becoming all to familiar, the child was stillborn.  That is when the first voice came to haunt her.  She didn't know what it was, but she could not get away from it.  She desperately wanted to mother a child, and continued to try.  When she did concieve again, the child was a misscarraige.  Another voice started to haunt her.  With her beauty she could lure any man she picked.  Blaming her chosen male for their failed pregnancies, she left him and took another mate.  Another concieved child was stillborn.  After a century of such desperation she began franticaly mating with any full blood Fey male she could seduce.  This had her cast out of numerous Fey cities.  By this time the voices haunting her numbered near a hundred.  Each one of a child she had failed to birth into life.  She turned her rage towards a fanatic search for a cure to a problem she did not understand.  All she knew was in ancient times the Fey reproduced normally, but since the wars things changed.  She started studying her ancestor's culture and writings and soon formed numerous theories.  All the time she continued to try to concieve a child trying every superstition imaginable.  She refused to mate with a human however.  For they were inferior.  Eventually she started believing the answer lay in the ancient Fey culture, and searched for ancient tombs, cities, libraries and other archeological finds, lost for millenia.  In uncovering these sites, she has become found immensely powerful artifacts, and numerous writings on schools and training in magics long forgotten.  Nothing however brought her answer to where the Fey souls went, and why no Fey were born alive anymore.  The voices pushed her on.  She started wondering with halfling fey being born, if the Fey souls were being channeled into human children.  This seemed a blasphemy to her superior ancient culture.  And she formed a hatred for the humans, at the same time a jelous envy.  in order to fit more in to their culture.. and in a state of insanity she cut her ears, and used flame to burn the wounds shut.  the scars groutesque were easily covered by her hair, or a good cloak.  However, women around her, human women would become pregnant, and birth healthy children.  This jelous rage pushed her further into madness.... as in a fit she tapped into her immense magical powers... and force a pregnant woman to walk off a cliff.  Another voice haunted her.  It soon became an obession, as she caused any human woman to become pregnant to commit suicide.  The children's voices in her head telling her that these women are taking her babies away from her.  All during this, any Fey male she ever encountered, she would do anything within her power, including mind control and magic, to mate with him.   More pregnancies failed.  She started digging up sites of ancient Fey burials and temples... destroying the human buildings build over them in cleansing fire.  Allying herself witha  powerful trading company, she hid her true identity and worked her plan to find a cure for her ailment... her infertility.  the infertility of all Fey.  She even began toying with hte idea of mating with a human as an experiment... as much as she detested the idea.  

Destiny-To uncover ancient Fey temple containing unspoken powers.
Drive - To create fey offspring (nymphomaniac)
Passion - Find ancient fey knowledge and writings.
Passion - Seduce Fey men                           =1
Conscience - What the voices tell her to do.  =3

She is proficient in dagger to a level of 4... but most all her power is in her knowledge and her magic.  She is constantly distracted by the voices however, so is often unable to concentrate on things unless its something voices want her to do.  She also has a ring she created, made out of a grapevine twisted in on itself.  Through it she can immediately cast a spell that will cause numerous people around her to pass out drunk, and wake up the next morning with a severe hangover and memory loss.  The ring is close to being spent however... and she is very cautious about it.  

Gifts = Beauty of Legends (major)   she's a hotty mcHot!

Flaws = Haunted (major) constantly hears voices of all her unborn children.  They push her aand drive her on.  Are they really the voices of her stillborn babies? Or are they her imagination?  

Personality - Schizophrenic nymphomaniac


THat one sounds pretty crazy, but not a bad Idea. That could be very interesting. hope there aren't any fey males among your PCs.
A muppet is just a cross between a mop and a puppet.


Well the PC's are all human.  And in our session she has been killed... a single arrow through the head.   But still an interesting character to base an adventure on.