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Hello to All

Started by Shadeling, December 07, 2003, 10:49:54 PM

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Hello to all. Been a while since I have posted...been laying low. Of course there was that 2 week period of evacuation due to the california wildfires, but I am here. Just been lurking of late.
I wanted to just post this message so people know I am still around.

Haven't ran any sessions of my TROS campaign for sometime now...been thinking of the direction it will take, or if I will just start a game anew.
Well hope the holiday season is treating everyone well.
Good luck in all endeavors, including your gaming ones :)
The shadow awakens from its slumber in darkness. It consumes my heart.

Brian Leybourne

Hey man, welcome back. Long time no see and all that.

Brian Leybourne

RPG Books: Of Beasts and Men, The Flower of Battle, The TROS Companion