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Enlightenment devours you: Mage the Ascension a la Sorcerer

Started by Spooky Fanboy, December 08, 2003, 07:13:08 PM

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Spooky Fanboy

So, I ask myself, since I like Mage the Ascension (with all it's faults) and I like Sorcerer, is there a way to get two great tastes that taste great together? I think so. Here are my ideas:

Humanity: This represents the Sorcerer's empathy with humanity, and human concerns. Not just sympathy, not just interest, but empathy and personal connection. Whatever grand utopian 'visions' the Avatar blesses the Sorcerer with, whatever ethical dilemmas present themselves, whatever power-trips the Avatar tempts the Sorcerer with, Humanity is there to keep the Sorcerer questioning just how far he should go. Zero Humanity equals (player's choice) a Nephandic descent, permanent Quiet, or the mage going Marauder. Rarely, a Sorcerer with a high enough Lore can choose to Ascend, which means he vanishes from this plane of existence and...well, no one knows what happens after that. Either way, the character becomes an NPC.

Demons: The Avatar. It is personalized to each Sorcerer, with a Need to alter the current reality (mostly through encouraging the Sorcerer to use magic) and a Desire to corrupt, er, modify the current reality (and the Sorcerer) until it resembles the Sorcerer's paradigm. It also instigates the Sorcerer to convert/destroy those with different paradigms. It is mostly invisible and unnoticed, occasionally manifesting itself to the Sorcerer through dreams, as an invisible friend, or however it decides to best encourage it's pet Sorcerer. It is Bound once only, when the Sorcerer first starts his career, usually through the Sorcerer undergoing a stressful event, although there are instances of the Avatar building the Sorcerer up gradually. Binding is determined normally, and the Binding score remains fairly stable throughout the game. (You cannot Banish the Avatar or Contain it.)

Each working of magic is also treated as a demon. They can be Contained (made permanent) , Banished (dispelled), and Punished (weakened.) They can be Summoned/Contacted by a Sorcerer previous to being Bound (cast) through a  ritual appropriate to the Sorcerer's paradigm. They have Needs and Desires appropriate to their purpose.

Lore: This represents the Sorcerer's world-view (paradigm of reality) and how much the Sorcerer obsesses with and explores it. It can, during advancement, be broken down into nine different, yet related components:

Correspondence: Element of reality dealing with distance, space, and connections. Useful for teleportation, scrying, warding, targeting and allowing magic to affect someone beyond range of line of sight.

Entropy: Deals with chance, luck, decay, and (used with Time) fate.

Forces: Deals with kinetics/motion, fire/cold, light/darkness, sound/ silence, weather, and anything directly related to energy.

More on this as I have time.
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