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Author Topic: Fiddling around with Priority choices for Social Class  (Read 1265 times)

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« on: December 18, 2003, 10:56:32 PM »

I am thinking of running a bloody and tragic high fantasy with Fey as PC's.  I am thinking of how to fiddle with the Social Class and Priorities.  THe A and B priorties take some inspiration from Nobilis.

A - High Lord - You are an ancient being and can speak honestly of your youth when the Giants warring split the continents asunder to drift in the ocean.  Now you are the Lord of a great demesne in Arcadia and this demesne is directly related to power in the mortal world.

Alternately, this PC could give up their powers in regards to a Lordship and take an artifact to be created with the Seneschal.

Example:  The Lord of the Mirrored Keep would be able to cast Spells of One in any Vagary so long as the spell had to do with a mirror.

B - Landed Knight - You are old by human standards, even ancient but by a Sidhe's reckoning you are many winters short of true wisdom or elder status.  You have been granted a great fief by virtue of your birth or valorous deeds.

This fief could grant you some small power in the mortal world.

Example:  Sir Ellonym, the Black Wolf of the Shirewood can speak to wolves due to his swearing allegiance to the Wolf King.  For a price or with the Wolf King's permission Sir Ellonym could even take the shape of a wolf but with no regularity and his Lord would demand a high price for such magicks.

C- Landless Nobility - You are old but your lands are lost, making you a cautionary tale among the Fey Folk.  Respect might be granted to you but you must always consider court's favor or your homeless status could become a real impedement.

D  - Knight - You are the sworn thane and vassal of a Lord and have sworn powerful oaths to defend your leige with your blade, giving your life if necessary.  

E  - Commoner - You are among the common folk of the Twilight Realm and while you are still a fantastic creature of magic and renknown in the mortal world, your fellow Arcadians see you as a common Boggan, Troll, Sprite or Gremlin.  Alternately, you could be an exiled Sidhe noble, housed through treachery or iron.

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