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Author Topic: Sample character  (Read 1446 times)

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« on: January 01, 2004, 12:42:08 AM »

This being my first sample character, it is also the backup to the one I play now. I made it in anticipation of needing one, as well as wanting to mix sorcery into an adventure that has seen only one spell so far in two very very lengthy(9 to 11 hour) sessions..
I offer this to the people who give a shit about reading it. This character however is in a 'bones' form, so that you people might take it and use it to fit whichever situation you want... so I have not specified SA's vagaries or which proficiency. But sufficeth to say, I did not want my first foray into sorcery be some big uber mage type... so I created a youthful student of the Gift.. who is brash and a bit naive...but not completely lacking in regards to prowess in melee. I find this fits a 'soft magic' setting better.
As to skill packets, I have yet to decide on one of them.. of course I would want one of them to be the druid/ritualist. Suggestions on the other??

Priorities as follows:
B.Race(Gifted human)
(however mine shall differ in the fact that I have insight points, therefore have at least an extra E coming my way)
Stats as follows:
ST 4(3)
AG 5(6)
TO 5(4)
EN 6
HT 4

WP 4
Wit 5(6)
MA 2
Soc 2(3)
Per 2
I made this character come from Picti, so +1 to AG, WIT, SOC, and -1 to ST and TO.
Derived stats:
Reflex 6
Aim 4
Knockdown 4
Knock-out 6
Move 7

Kaa 6
Form 4
Art 4
Discipline 5
Draw 3

Proficiencies I recommend splitting into 8 for a weapon and 6 vagaries, but you can do whatever.
Having said that, the CP is at 14
And the base SP is 10
Cast spells of 1 with 10
Spells of 3 with 14
Spells of Many at 19.
(I at least wasn't lazy[this time] and did the math myself)

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