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Game #2: Zodiac 12

Started by Jason L Blair, May 25, 2001, 07:30:00 PM

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Jason L Blair

Okay, this one is even more neophytic in design than the previous site. More will be added soon but I decided, "Hey... why not post it?" Again, horribly edited but not a bad design journal. Oh, and the individual signs are all dead links. That will be fixed sometime between now and Monday. It's all a matter of coding up the wpd files.

Behold the psychedelia:

Let the sunshine, leeeet the sunshine in.

The third and final game's site still has to be built. Figure on end of next week. It's name, acronymically, is HBV.

Jason L Blair
Key 20 Publishing

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Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Clinton R. Nixon


You rock. Seriously, man. This idea blows my sweet-lovin' mind.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games


Yeah man, this idea sounds sweet...

Peace out,


I think I don't really have enough information about this one yet to make any sort of judgement at all. For the previous post, you talked a bit about the sort of themes it was designed to focus on, and the sort of mechanics you had planned.

For this one, it's currently a sketch of the setting, and not really even a detailed enough one yet to tell if the "origin" for the superheroes is just a gimmick, or will make a fundamental difference to the way they are played.

I really think you need to give more information for people to work with.

Jason L Blair

I agree, James. More will be available soon.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Jason L Blair

Well... seven months is *kinda* soon.

Working on this puppy right now.

Just an update.

Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer


All I'm sayin is, Cancer better get some cool-bitch powers. Being able to morph your hands into gigantic orange Zoyberg-claws would be a good start.

Michael Gentry

Jason L Blair

Dude, it's sweet! Cancers turn into little blue creatures about three apples high and have to fight ugly bald men in black cassocks. They live in mushrooms and speak their own language consisting mainly of their Zodiac sign and basic nouns.

Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer


Reminds me vaguely of Zenith, a strip that ran in 2000AD.  Good stuff - had one of my all time favourite comic scenes, the nuking of Berlin.  I don't think that scene could have been done in pure text; it might have been doable with video.  But now I'm rambling.
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