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Author Topic: Simple magic question  (Read 1479 times)

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« on: January 04, 2004, 09:45:36 PM »

Just curious because I'm have not come across the answer yet.  I assume that to cause say... Water to boil... or something to burst into flames or heat up a person's weapon to make them drop it...  ie.. (EXCITE MOLECULES TO HEAT THINGS UP)    

Would that involve Movement 3?  And would it also require vision to see the molecules???  Like Vision3?  

Just curious.

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« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2004, 09:56:54 PM »

I would say that it depends on what it is you are trying to accomplish. If the item that has the water in it is moving at faster than the speed of sound(i.e. movement 3 being used) it would heat up and expand to a point that anything can boil. Example, airplanes that go supersonic/hypersonic. The Concorde's wing roots expand a full FOOT from heat alone during supersonic transit.
Creating fire however would require movement 3 and vision 3 to excite the molecules to a point where the friction causes combustion. The three things needed to start a fire(as I'm sure you've been schooled in at ASA, hopefully) are oxygen, fuel, and heat. Chemical reactions also fit this, as they still need oxygen to breathe... combined they make the fuel and the heat and sometimes a very loud explosion...
Also heating up a weapon like you said IMO would require the same as creating fire.

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