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Relationship Map Suggestions?

Started by jeffd, January 08, 2004, 01:41:27 PM

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Hey all,

I'm gearing up to run Sorcerer.  I need something to base a map off of.  I don't have much experience in the suggested genre (mystery) so I'd appreciate a few suggestions.  I've got about a month to come up with the map, so 3-4 books that I could read would be good.


Ron Edwards

Hi Jeff,

Beyond the references in The Sorcerer's Soul?


Mike Holmes

Skip the reading - who's got time?

Instead use this handy internet thing to look up titles of plays, operas, or literature in the public domain (and even some that aren't), along with the word "synopsis" in the search. What you'll get is usually just enough to set up your map, IME.

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... or however dude from Welcome Back Kotter'd say it ^_^

I've been wanting to reccomend a couple of books on this (though I'm not sure how good they'll be really, so if anyone else's read them speak up):
Gun With Occasional Music
Motherless Brooklyn

both by  Jonathan Lethem

Trevis Martin

For months now I've been reading Ross MacDonald's books as referenced in Sourcerers Soul.  They have been fantastic.  Most of them are available as reprints by Black Lizard press.  Though the first few I read were in a collection called 'Archer in Hollywood' which I found in the library.  My favorite so far has been 'The Galton Case'




Thanks for the replies.  I had entirely forgotten that Sorcerer's Soul had an extensive bibliography, proving (I think) that my brain does indeed have a limited storage capacity.


Ron Edwards

Phew! I was anticipating explaining relationship maps to someone who didn't own The Sorcerer's Soul, and figuring out a way to say, "Just buy it," without sounding utterly mercenary.

Any further questions, just ask!