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Devilfyre Playtest Available

Started by ADGBoss, January 21, 2004, 04:01:38 PM

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Well its fianlly finished. The game system that is going to power up">Seraphim: Candlebright is finally done.  I wanted to bring out the system by itself as well as with the Seraphim:C setting so that I can see how it works with other settings.

Anyone who is interested should pop on over to the">Game Engines in Development section of my site.  You can Download the PDF there.

Now specifically, if anyone is so inclined, I am looking for the following questions to be answered.  There is also a Playtest Feedback page in the PDF as well as a generic character sheet.

1. Is the "voice" of the rules too friendly?

2. Will the system meet with its intended goal of Exploring Setting and Character?

3. Regardless of #2, is the System playable, easy to use, and adaptable to a multitude of settings?

Plus I find I am total suck boy at making interesting and aesthetically pleasing  Character Sheets.  Anyone who again feels motivated or inclined to offer up a better one is free to do so.

I will be finishing Seraphim I think today so later on the full PDF witrh both system and setting will be available.