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AOL users, be warned!

Started by Clinton R. Nixon, January 24, 2004, 01:16:16 AM

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Clinton R. Nixon

Apparently, AOL is tagging e-mail from phpBB as spam. Several users have let me know that they're not receiving e-mails. If you are an AOL user, and there's a way to "whitelist" addresses, do so for "" and "".

If you are an AOL user, and have signed up for an account, e-mail me. For now, I have to manually authorize you.
Clinton R. Nixon
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Daniel Solis

I think Yahoo is doing the same thing at times.
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For users of AOL 9 (and maybe 8) all mail that automatically killed by AOL spam filters goes into your spam folder.  I periodically scan through there and yes indie-rpgs addresses from time to time are there.  By clicking the "this is not spam" button you move it back to the inbox and gradually teach the filter software not to kill it any more.

I don't believe there's a way to opt in select addresses (except using the method that ONLY accepts from opted in addresses), but AOL's spam filter is actually pretty good at learning what to block based on the mail you tell it is spam and the mail you tell it isn't.

In any case, the mail isn't lost.  Just check the spam folder periodically.


I've run into the same problems but with almost all mail servers.  Free mail like Hotmail and Yahoo will put it into a "Junk mail" or "Bulk mail" folder, while other ISPs will just filter it as spam as it was sent by a PHP mailer.

It's become one of those inconveniences due to true spamming problems.  ISPs go overboard and stop good email from coming through.
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